Rockefeller at Dartmouth


Dedicated in 1983, the Center honors Nelson A. Rockefeller, who contributed his wisdom, energy and resources to Dartmouth and to the nation from the time of his matriculation as a student in 1926 until his death in 1979.

Following graduation in 1930 with a bachelor's degree in economics, Nelson Rockefeller devoted his talents to a wide range of charitable, business and public endeavors. He served four terms as Governor of New York and later as Vice President of the United States during the Ford Administration.

Throughout his life, he remained a loyal Dartmouth alumnus, serving as a trustee of the College, helping to create the College's Great Issues course on matters of public policy, and playing a key role in the establishment of the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts.

His devotion to public service in a democratic society continues to inspire the work of the Center.