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Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange at Keble College

The Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange Program sends up to four Dartmouth undergraduates per term to University of Oxford’s Keble College. As a fully integrated member of the Oxford community, you take courses in the British tutorial system that can count towards your major. 

Liddon Quad, Keble College

Liddon Quad from under the library arches.

Parks Road along the eastern wall of Keble College

Three Dartmouth students walk down Parks Road along the eastern wall of Keble College.

Keble Hall, Keble College

Keble Hall at Keble College.

Rowing on the Thames

Rowing on the Thames during a term at Oxford University’s Keble College.

About The Program

Up to four Dartmouth undergraduates per term may attend Keble College during fall, winter, and spring terms.

You will be a fully-integrated member of the Oxford community. You will live on campus, participate in co-curricular and social activities, and take pre-approved political and economy courses.

The allowed course load at Keble College is two courses taught using the British tutorial system, meaning lots of one-on-one time with the professor and independent study time with only occasional, if any, class meetings.

Most courses taken through this program count towards your major. Please check the information guide for individual course qualifications in government and economics.

Take a virtual tour of Keble College.

For more information, contact the Rockefeller Center Curricular & Research Office at (603) 646-2229, or Program Coordinator Jane DaSilva.

**Please Note - If you are a Keble College attendee, you must fill out these three forms in order to attend:

1) Transfer Credit Application for the Dartmouth Registrar

2) Visiting Student Application for Keble College

3) Registered Visiting Student Data Entry Form for Keble College

Please see Program Coordinator, Jane DaSilva, for these forms.

***Also Please Note - The Keble College Terms run later than Dartmouth College Terms.  This potentially can affect the starting dates of summer internships.  If you apply and are accepted for Trinity Term (Spring), you must finish the Keble College Term before starting any summer internship.

Program requirements

  • There are no specific prerequisites for the Keble program.
  • The program is designed to serve government and economics majors; however, others may apply for consideration on a space available basis.
  • You are ineligible for the program if you are a first-year or transfer student.
  • If you are a senior, you may be eligible with prior approval of the registrar and the major department.
  • Your GPA must be at least a 3.5 or higher to be considered for the program.


The cost of the program (one term) including tuition, room and board is around $23,000.00. All students presently receiving Dartmouth financial aid may apply this aid to cover costs of the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange Program.


Elena Falloon ’11 (Keble 09F)

“The Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange Program has made me grow in so many ways. The tutorial system forced me to read critically, write with a strong thesis and possible counterarguments in mind and learn how to defend my work confidently and gracefully. Outside of the classroom, Keble has a fun, thriving community that I loved being a part of through the women's soccer team, discussions and performances around the city and social outings with my new British friends. Oxford is a stunning, historical and inspiring location, and I feel very privileged to have seen and lived it for myself. From the Cambridge-Oxford Varsity rugby game to Sandra Day O'Connor at the Union, I found myself constantly impressed by the tradition echoing throughout my surroundings.”

Brian Dunne ’10 (Keble 09W)

“The time I spent at Keble College during my junior winter was my favorite experience as a Dartmouth student. I was immediately welcomed into the Keble community and made multiple friends I am still in contact with today. The academics at Keble were equally as rigorous as those courses at Dartmouth and the tutorial system was a different but beneficial educational experience. The transition to student life at Keble was mostly seamless and there was constant communication with professors and administrators to ensure that we were having positive cultural and academic experiences. I cannot communicate enough how great of an experience I had while on the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange program.”

Apply to the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange

Find application links and details here.

Brian Freeman '11 at Keble College
Keble College Chapel

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