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Civic Skills Training

Want to be successful at your upcoming internship?

Consider the popular Civic Skills Training that the Rockefeller Center offers in June for First-Year students. This intensive program will help students gain valuable workplace skills before their first day on the job. An application is required as spaces are limited, as well as a secured paid or unpaid internship. This internship does not have to be public policy-related, nor does it have to be funded by the Rockefeller Center. We encourage all First-Year students to apply who have internship commitments.  Upper-class students are encouraged to register for the Management & Leadership Development Program (MLDP). The Rockefeller Center offers similar on-campus workshops open to all students. To learn more visit the student workshops page.

CST is designed to both inform students about the structures and processes of the political world, as well as provide the tangible skills necessary to excel in their internships and beyond.

If selected, students will attend four on-campus training sessions in the spring term and go to Washington, DC, for a four-day training session in June. The Rockefeller Center gives $250 towards the cost of travel to DC and provides your accommodations and meals while in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The training includes meetings and sessions around the city, and provides an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with our Nation's Capitol. The location is especially helpful for those students whose internships are located in the DC area.

First-Year students should apply for Civic Skills Training during the spring term of their Freshman year.  For members of the Class of 2017, the application deadline is Thursday, April 24, 2014.  See also Application Process information.

What Will Students Learn?

The curriculum for each of the training days builds cumulatively in order to provide a comprehensive, and coherent picture of the public and nonprofit sectors. Students will participate in workshops on such topics as:

  • Public speaking

  • Networking

  • Resource mobilization

  • Media relations

  • Goal setting and program management

  • Workplace skills and professionalism

Students will also have the opportunity to meet with Dartmouth alumni and other professionals working in the civic sector. They will provide them with valuable contacts, insights, and perspectives. Below is a sampling of the types of organizations from which we draw our trainers:

  • Media and communications agencies

  • Think tanks

  • Lobby groups

  • The legislative and executive branches of government

For More Information Contact

  • Robin Frye, Program Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs

Last Updated: 9/11/13