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Create Your Path

Create Your PathThe Rockefeller Center's new "Create Your Path" program offers students a guided opportunity to step back and reflect on their time at Dartmouth, and develop a strategy to organize themselves at a higher level. The structure of the program helps students to think about their values, passions, and interests – and to explore opportunities that capitalize on their strengths.

This innovative program utilizes video workshops viewed by students at any time from their computer or mobile device. During the series of brief videos, students will be facilitated through a set of activities to help innovate their academic and professional lives and develop a strategic plan for their future. During the first week of classes, students who have completed the video series are invited to an on-campus live session that will focus on recapping the themes of the videos and committing to that First Next Step to make their personal strategic plan a reality. Along with Center staff, collaborating partner Dr. Darin Eich facilitates the on-campus discussion session.

Create Your Path (CYP) is offered at any time during the year, with opportunities at the beginning of each term for participation in the live sessions. This program is open to all majors, with no prior Rockefeller Center engagement required.

Create Your Path: Reflecting and Strategizing for Professional Growth

Create Your Path – Video Workshop 1

Objective: Help students gain an understanding of the whole program and the process used to reflect, strategize, and innovate their academic and professional lives. Begin reflection with the building blocks of specific resources and then experiences.

Create Your Path – Video Workshop 2

Objective: Converge on the various reflections and introspection the students have been engaging in to enhance self-knowledge.  Integrate the reflective knowledge into a story that gives them insight on the path they have taken.

Create Your Path - Video Workshop 3

Objective: Utilize the micro and macro reflection the students have been doing to give them insight into the strengths or skills they have, the values they hold dear, and the passionate interests that engage them.

Create Your Path - Video Workshop 4

Objective: Develop meaning, understanding, focus, and the potential to leverage their unique collection of strengths, interests, and values that make them unique and high potential. Gain experience in communicating this. Integrate the micro and macro reflection of experiences with the micro and macro reflection on personal characteristics together.

Create Your Path - Video Workshop 5

Objective: Focus now on the future. Utilize the self-knowledge that students have constructed about themselves and develop a new future vision for professional and academic success. Start applying an innovation system to create a vision for the future and engage in a strategic process to go from challenge to questions. Engage students in thinking intentionally and innovatively about their future, both immediate and long-term. Show them deconstruction and construction skills that break a big challenge down into smaller ideas. Guide them through generating more and better ideas for themselves with tools and techniques.

Create Your Path – Video Workshop 6

Objective: Guide students through a process to re-construct their ideas into better, more innovative developed concepts. Like a portfolio of intellectual property for their own academic and professional life, help them to build valuable personal knowledge and creative assets. Help students move from analyzed and synthesized concepts to a strategic plan for action that can be communicated well. Help them leverage their strengths and interests with resources and tools to create a new path towards a meaningful academic & professional destination.

Last Updated: 2/13/14