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Sophomore Summer Programming at Rocky

Wonder what to do with your summer on the Dartmouth Campus? The Rockefeller Center has launched Sophomore Summer programming to give students an opportunity to reflect on career and academic goals, and to improve skills for future jobs and internships. Events and programs are open to Dartmouth sophomores of all majors. The Center works closely with past participants of the First-Year Fellows and Civic Skills Training programs to shape the student-directed offerings. 

As the culminating experience for the First-Year Fellows program, Fellows work as a group to design and implement an event related to public policy for a campus audience during their sophomore summer on campus.  Fellows use skills they learned in Civic Skills Training and the camaraderie built spending eight-weeks together in Washington, DC to host a successful event of their choice. Fellows learn valuable event planning skills under the guidance of the Rockefeller Center staff. 

This Year's Offerings:

Create Your Path

Registration for this innovative program combining a short video series, reflective activities, and on-campus discussion is now available! Sign up online - space is limited.

Save the Date!  August 1-3: Startup Experience

The Rockefeller Center will be bringing Startup Experience to campus on August 1-3.  Startup Experience simulates life in a startup company, challenging students to learn new modes of problem solving, team-based communication, and business model development to create a working foundation to address social challenges.

Leading up to this exciting workshop, Henrik Scheel, CEO and Founder of Startup Experience, will be featured in a public event.  Henrik Scheel recently discussed "How an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Change You" at TEDxSacremento.  View his TED Talk here.


henrik scheelAbout the Speaker:

Henrik is a Danish entrepreneur currently focused on reinventing entrepreneurship education. During his engineering studies he founded two companies and was a strategy consultant for several international corporations. Henrik now focuses on Startup Experience where he runs innovation workshops for business professionals and teaches entrepreneurship to students around the world.


What have we done in the past?

2012 Highlights: Public Lecture and Workshop with Michael Ellsberg, Create Your Path (version 2.0)

Michael EllsbergThe Rockefeller Center hosted a lecture by entrepreneur and author Michael Ellsberg in July 2012.  The 20 students from the prior year's First-Year Fellows Program were interested in inviting Mr. Ellsberg because of his unique perspective on education versus professional success, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his focus on encouraging youth and people from all ages to step outside their comfort zone to take risks and pursue great personal success.  Read more about the event here.

Create Your Path: Reflecting and Strategizing for Professional Growth, was re-introduced in an innovative new format of video clips to "flip the classroom" and one facilitated discussion on campus. During this series of video clips, students are facilitated through a set of activities to help innovate their academic and professional life and develop a strategic plan for the future. This video-based interactive program was offered for the first time during summer 2012.  The video series and on-campus discussion was facilitated by Darin Eich, a leadership and innovation expert.  See more about Darin at his website.

2011 Highlights: Create Your Path (version 1.0), Health Care Panel and BBQ, Lecture by Anna Post

x11 health care panelFirst-Year Fellows organized a panel of Upper Valley experts to discuss the implications of national health care policies on states, hospitals, and communities. Read more about the event here.  They also hosted a BBQ for students and panelists following the event.

The Center also introduced a pilot program called Create Your Path.  This new program offered students a guided opportunity to step back and reflect on their first two years at Dartmouth and develop a strategy to organize themselves at a higher level. Students were encouraged to work toward a meaningful destination that is an intersection of personal strengths, values, and interests. This destination could be a scholarship, or graduate school, or working for the public or the private sector. It is a place that aims to help discover passions and interests.The two-week workshop series was facilitated by Darin Eich, a leadership and innovation expert.  See more about Darin at his website.

Lastly, the Center was pleased to welcome back etiquette expert Anna Post to deliver a public lecture on "Professionalism in the 21st Century."  View the video here.

2010 Highlights:  Introducing Rockefeller Center Opportunities to the Campus

During the summer of 2010, sophomores were invited to learn more about the opportunities at the Rockefeller Center during a community-building barbeque with staff, faculty, and past program participants.

2009 Highlights:  Dartmouth Professional Skills Workshops, Lecture by Anna Post, Peer Advising

A main component of the 2009 program, this series of workshops was designed to help students take full advantage of corporate recruiting and other opportunities in the professional world. Six sessions took place from June 30th to July 16th on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 - 5:30 PM. Speakers include professionals from the Dartmouth community, the Rockefeller Center, and the Emily Post Institute. The sessions covered topics ranging from interviewing to etiquette to networking.

Peer Advisors to the 2009 First-Year Fellows: A great example of the student-directed nature of the Sophomore Summer Venture, First-Year Fellows from the 2008 program have volunteered to be peer advisors for the new group of fellows. Many of the 2008 fellows attended the May orientation for the 2009 First-Year Fellows program, and students will continue to meet in person and via email through the end of August. 

We also hosted a public event featuring Anna Post in July, see the video of "Business Etiquette in the Digital Age" here.

2008 Highlights: Dinner Discussions, Guest Speakers, Lecture by Gideon Yago, Grant-Writing Workshop

“The Sophomore Summer Venture has been one of the most interesting and challenging experiences I've had at Dartmouth.Building a new project from the ground up has allowed [us] to be creative and work with the Rockefeller Center to create a program that can develop into a new part of the sophomore summer experience.Meeting new sophomores, discussing important issues, learning about the Peace Corp and talking with professors has enhanced my education outside of the classroom.”

Joanna Pucci '10

Dinner Discussions: These weekly discussions captured the attention of large, diverse crowds. Students came together to share their ideas on major topics such as healthcare, the environment, and the perception of the United States abroad.

Guest Speakers & Programs: Dartmouth alumni and former Peace Corps volunteers gathered to celebrate Nelson A. Rockefeller's 100th birthday by participating in a panel discussion on the Peace Corp. The theme of the program aimed to inspire students to pursue careers in the common good.

Gideon Yago, a former correspondent for MTV News and CBS, and a writer for documentary films, spoke on HIV/AIDS, class divide, and the media's role in framing the discussion around these topics.

Grant-Writing Workshop: At this informal workshop, students heard tips and advice on organizing their thoughts and ideas, writing for a sponsor, and submitting their proposals.

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