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Networking Events 101

Does the word "networking" make you cringe? Do you find yourself reluctant to go to networking events and meet people?Here are a few tips to make it easy for you.
Set Goals: Networking events can seem exhausting or intimidating, but going into a networking situation with a fun goal can help make the event more manageable and productive. A networking goal can be numerical or qualitative, general or specific and some ideas include:

  • Meet five new people and get their business card or add them to your LinkedIn.
  • Set up at least one follow-up conversation or email.
  • Learn about a different field related to your current interest.

Discover Your Inner Hero with "Create Your Path"

Maybe you start with a question in mind. "With so many interests, how do I decide my direction?" Or maybe you know you are meant to do something great, but don’t yet know what it is or how to find it. Or maybe you just went through a life-changing experience and need a process to break it down and understand it.

Rockefeller Center Program Helps Students Map Their Future

This article was originally published on Dartmouth Now on December 8, 2014. 

The winter interim is an ideal time for students to reflect on their experiences and accomplishments at Dartmouth, and to assess the path ahead, says Sam Williamson, a program coordinator at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences. As a tool to foster this kind of careful reflection, the Rockefeller Center designed “Create Your Path,” a series of six short online video workshops culminating in a live capstone session at the Rockefeller Center, says Williamson, who has overseen the program since he came to Dartmouth in January 2014.

Need help deciding your major or career path? Try "Create Your Path" during Winter Interim

Create Your Path is a leadership development program designed by the Rockefeller Center. The program guides you through a self-reflection process to analyze experiences that have driven and defined you, then helps you build a plan for your future. The six short online video workshops can be accessed from home on your own computer or mobile device at any time and is encouraged during the winter interim period when you have fewer distractions.

In this video, Hunter Kappel ’14 describes how Create Your Path helped him eliminate the bounds and determine his direction.

Sign up online at info at

Don't miss the Rockefeller Center's "Create Your Path" program during the Interim

When did you last take time to reflect on your life-changing experiences? Have you made a plan yet for your future? The Rockefeller Center has a program that can help.

The Create Your Path program offers you a guided opportunity to step back and deeply reflect on the essential elements of what has driven and defined you, then learn innovative skills to make a strategic plan for your future – all can be done from home on your computer or mobile device.

The program consists of 6 short online video workshops (about 15 minutes each) to complete on your own, followed by a Capstone Session on campus to make your path a reality. You can participate in Create Your Path at any time during the year, with opportunities at the beginning of every term for the culminating Capstone Experience. Open to all class years and majors, with no prior Rockefeller Center engagement required. Also open to Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and staff.

"Create Your Path" during the Interim

Looking for something to do during your break? Try Create Your Path.

Create Your Path is one of the Rockefeller Center's most powerful tools for students to take with them through Dartmouth and beyond. Students often ask us for advice on sorting out interests, setting goals, finding resources, and developing a greater sense of purpose. Create Your Path gives you what you need to unravel these themes on your own. The program helps you assess your strengths and interests in order to choose a direction. Then it takes you a step further by helping you plan the next steps.

Make the Most of Your Interim With Rocky’s Create Your Path Program

Between academics and extra-curricular activities, Dartmouth college students may find it difficult to reflect on their experiences as often as they would like to. The Rockefeller Center’s Create Your Path program is meant to help students – regardless of major or interest - evaluate their strengths, passions and values in developing a strategy to organize their capabilities and capitalize on their interests at Dartmouth and beyond. Facilitated by Dr. Darin Eich, founder of, Create Your Path is a guide that provides students with a clearer vision on choosing academic majors, student groups and co-curricular activities, as well as future careers, graduate schools and scholarships.  

Introducing Sam Williamson, Rockefeller’s New Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator!

Sam used to compete as a collegiate skier.

Prior to joining the Rockefeller Center, Sam Williamson opted to become a school administrator at an innovative K-12 charter school in Ogden, Utah instead of pursuing a career in international diplomacy. In Ogden, he designed programs to boost core test scores and spearheaded education technology research and development, including designing cutting-edge networks for two new schools and securing a one-to-one ratio of computers to students through donations and grants. Sam also spent two years living in Santiago, Chile volunteering as a Spanish interpreter and designing programs for leadership development in the country’s poorest areas.

Recap: Create Your Path with Darin Eich, Ph.D., Founder of
The Rockefeller Center's new "Create Your Path" program offers students a guided opportunity to step back and reflect on their first two years at Dartmouth, and develop a strategy to organize themselves at a higher level. For more information about the program, click here.

Naming our interests and strengths can be difficult. Do we even know what we are capable of? And if we don’t know ourselves, how can others know what we are capable of?

Rockefeller Leadership Fellow Sarah Marie-Hopf '13 Combats Food Insecurity with the Dartmouth Food Connection

Sarah-Marie Hopf '13, a current Rockefeller Leadership Fellow, was recently profiled on Dartmouth Now for her work in establishing the Dartmouth Food Connection with Katherine Burns '13. The Dartmouth Food Connection, along with Dartmouth Dining Services, works to educate the Dartmouth community about food insecurity in the Upper Valley and helps to raise funds and food donations for Willing Hands through meal swipes and food drives. 

Courtesy of Dartmouth Now: Sarah-Marie Hopf '13 and Katherine Burns '13 discuss strategy for the Dartmouth Food Connection.

The Dartmouth Food Connection continues to grow each year and has raised $11,000 for Willing Hands to date.  The "Swipe for Hunger" events, awareness campaigns and food drops have enabled Willing Hands to distribute food to people in need to various organizations throughout the Upper Valley.


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