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Global Leadership Program in Montreal: Embrace the Ambiguity

Each fall, winter, and spring, the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) brings together 25 student leaders to increase their understanding of global leadership and intercultural competency. Through weekly sessions with speakers and a culminating experience to either Boston, Montreal, or New York City, the students are able to learn about themselves and cross-cultural leadership. The Spring 2018 cohort spent a weekend in Montreal as part of their culminating experience.

We boarded a bus to Montreal, unaware of what to expect. The skeleton of an itinerary gave no details for the trip to ensue. We were told to “embrace the ambiguity” and go into the weekend with open minds.

Student and Alumni Reception in Washington D.C.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center hosted its annual Student and Alumni Reception in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, June 14, 2018.

Each year the occasion provides an opportunity for the First-Year Fellows to meet their alumni mentors and supervisors.

“The First-Year Fellows program is a great example of the partnership between the Rockefeller Center and Dartmouth alumni, who find many ways to contribute to the education of each successive cohort of Dartmouth students,” noted the Center’s Director, Professor Andrew Samwick, during remarks made at the reception.

This summer, twenty-five Class of 2021 First-Year Fellows are serving 8-week fellowships in a diverse range of host organizations.

In addition to those involved with the First-Year Fellows program, the reception welcomes any Dartmouth student interning in D.C. during the summer, along with area alumni and friends of the Rockefeller Center.

The Class of 2021 First-Year Fellows in D.C.

The Class of 2021 First-Year Fellows arrived in Washington, D.C. this week and are currently participating in the Civic Skills Training (CST) component of the program. The Fellows have already completed four on-campus training sessions during the spring term and will now spend an additional five days of training in Washington, D.C. before their 8-week fellowships begin.

The CST curriculum covers everything from public speaking, networking, and advocacy writing to project management, team work, and professionalism and is designed to prepare the students for a successful internship experience and beyond. The week includes classroom sessions facilitated by Deputy Director Sadhana Hall and Program Officer Eric Janisch, workshops hosted by area alumni, and excursions around the city to familiarize the students with Capitol Hill and the surrounding area.

Notes from the Field: Jonas Stakeliunas '20

Jonas Stakeliunas '20 interned with the Republic of Lithuania permanent mission to the United Nations in New York City​ for the Winter 2018 term. The following is an excerpt from his internship report.

This winter, I completed my internship at the Republic of Lithuania permanent mission to the United Nations in New York City. The Lithuanian mission is relatively small (7 diplomats and 2 administrative workers), and I was the only intern for half of my time there. As part of a small group, I had the pleasure of assisting all of the Lithuanian diplomats and got a chance to get hands on experience on every type of topic related to the United Nations. 

Dartmouth College Public Service Legacy: John Wentworth, Class of 1836

This article is part of a series honoring Dartmouth Alumni who have served in public office and demonstrated their commitment to the ideals of public service, leadership, and civic engagement.

For a contemporary of Lincoln, it was impressive to be known for one’s height. Towering at six feet and six inches, John “Long John” Wentworth, Class of 1836, cast a long shadow over American politics as the nation headed west for new prosperity. 

Rocky and Me: Estephanie Aquino ’18 Senior Reflection

In the Rocky & Me series, Seniors reflect on their experiences during their time at Dartmouth.

When I was deciding between colleges during the spring of my senior year of high school I remember checking out Dartmouth’s website and instantly being drawn to the Rockefeller Center after reading about students only two years older than me being actively involved in the policy-making process, conducting research, and meeting legislators. As a student who was exposed to the intricacies of environmental policy and regulation through my high school’s Energy and Utilities Academy, I knew that I needed to enroll at an institution that could cater to my curiosity and would allow me to be directly involved in the policy-making process.

Rocky and Me: Ray Lu ’18 Senior Reflection

In the Rocky & Me series, Seniors reflect on their experiences during their time at Dartmouth.

I made the long journey from Austin, Texas — where I was born and raised — to Dartmouth knowing I wanted a new, challenging environment. My interest in economics derived from my father’s background as an economist, and the time I spent with the U.S. Department of Education Presidential Scholars Program the summer before college inspired me to explore the policy realm.

Rocky and Me: Abhilasha Gokulan ’18 Senior Reflection

In the Rocky & Me series, Seniors reflect on their experiences during their time at Dartmouth.

Lessons in Leadership and “Ideas Worth Spreading”

TEDxDartmouth organized its first annual independently organized TED event. Arvind Suresh ‘19​ shares his organizing the conference. 

Growing up, watching TED talks inspired me and gave me the courage and bravery to think big, break the rules, and broaden my knowledge. When I first learned about the TEDx university program, I therefore felt strongly about organizing a TEDx event at Dartmouth as a way of bringing the liberal arts curriculum to life. Planning this event allowed me to delve deeper into subject areas I would not have previously considered ranging from how we define greatness in education to fashion design inspired by marine life to how networking has changed in the digital age. The success of any TEDx event is derived from the interplay of ideas as they bounce between the speakers and the audience, with everyone feeling like they have learned something new by the end of the day. It is this passion for sharing knowledge and “food for thought” that made organizing this event a fulfilling experience for all members of our organizing team.

Notes from the Field: Yifan He '20

Yifan He '20 interned at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the Winter 2018 term. The following is an excerpt from her internship report.

During the winter of 2018, I interned at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through the Student Honors Program in Washington, DC. I was part of the Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, which aims to incorporate economics and data to both inform policy-making and facilitate investigations that lead to enforcement actions. More specifically, I worked with two offices: the Office of Markets, a rulemaking office that provides economic analyses on proposed market rules, and the Office of Structural Disclosure, an office that makes data more transparent and accessible to the public. 


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