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Welcome to the Rockefeller Center 24s! We want to introduce you to all the Rocky has to offer. Please check out these videos to learn what Rocky has to offer! We hope to see you soon and if you have any questions, reach out to us at


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Welcome to the Rockefeller Center 24s!

Welcome to the Rockefeller Center 24s! We hope you are able to join us on Thursday, September 10th for our open house at 1:00-1:45pm and 3:00-3:45pm. The same content will be presented at both sessions and there is a lot to explore so feel free to stop by at one or both of the sessions!

To begin your journey at our digital open house, we recommend starting in our “Welcome to Rocky” Room. You’ll hear from our Director and Deputy Director and get an overview of the Rockefeller Center. After that, feel free to jump around to our other rooms! We’ll have staff, faculty, and students available to answer your questions and talk about our many curricular and co-curricular offerings. We hope to see you there!

If you are unable to join us for our open house, we will be sharing more information about our programming on our website in the coming days. Stop by and learn more. We can’t wait to meet you!


Thursday, September 10th




Start in our “Welcome to Rocky” Room:

Rocky Policy Fellow and Research Assistant Professor Herschel Nachlis published in JAMA

Rocky Policy Fellow and Research Assistant Professor, Herschel Nachlis recently published "Emergency Use Authorizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons From Hydroxychloroquine for Vaccine Authorization and Approval" in JAMA, an international peer-reviewed general medical journal.

"In response to the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), via its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) authority, initially provided, and then revoked, authorization for use of hydroxychloroquine for treating patients with COVID-19. This process was politically and scientifically contentious and illustrates central problems that can arise with emergency drug authorizations during crises. These problems include the authorization of potentially ineffective or unsafe therapeutics, the appearance of nonexpert political advocacy generating public pressure for product authorizations with questionable safety and efficacy, and the imposition of significant costs on the health of the public and on the credibility and influence of regulatory agencies such as the FDA."

Board Member Maya Wiley '86 featured in "A Call to Lead"

The Call to Lead is a bold invitation to Dartmouth’s global community to engage with the great issues of this century and the next—all in a distinctly Dartmouth manner that attracts the greatest student and faculty talent, cultivates our pioneering spirit, and fully transcends campus boundaries. Maya Wiley '86 was recently interviewed on racial justice, how we can build a more just society, and how Dartmouth shaped her as a leader.

Maya Wiley ’86 is a nationally renowned civil rights expert who has litigated, lobbied U.S. Congress, and developed programs to transform structural racism in the U.S. and South Africa. She is a university professor at The New School, where she founded and co-directs the Digital Equity Laboratory. Maya recently stepped down as legal analyst for MSNBC and is considering running for mayor of New York City.

Read the full article here.




Virtual 2020 New Hampshire Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Forum

On Thursday, July 16th, 2020, the Rockefeller Center welcomed the Dartmouth community to a virtual 2020 New Hampshire Democratic Gubernatorial Primary Forum. Democratic candidates Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky joined Rockefeller Center Senior Lecturer and Policy Fellow Charles Wheelan ’88 for a discussion pertaining to issues in the race for New Hampshire Governor.

While Senator Feltes and Councilor Volinsky hold diverging opinions on a variety of issues, they come from eerily similar backgrounds. Both candidates grew up in working-class families and therefore are strong advocates for the ordinary New Hampshire citizen. Moreover, both candidates have a legacy of experience in the legal world, with Feltes having spent almost a decade as a legal aid attorney and Volinsky having served as the lead lawyer in the 1997 Claremont school funding case and currently serving on the Executive Council for New Hampshire’s 2nd district.

Rockefeller Leadership Fellow Reflections

Rockefeller Leadership Fellow (RLF) alumni, Oyebola Olabisi '06 and Jenny Ratner '08, reflect on how the RLF program continues to impact their leadership today.

Dartmouth Students Learn about Careers for the Public Good with the Rockefeller Center

On Monday, July 13th, 2020, Mike Belinsky ’08, a manager in Bridgespan Group’s New York Office and cofounder of Instiglio, an NGO working to alleviate global poverty; Zak Kaufman ’08, Co-Founder and CEO of Vera Solutions, an award-winning cloud and mobile technology firm with a focus on social impact; Sanat Mohapatra ’20, the founder of Unmasked, an anonymous, mental health social media mobile application for college students; and Anna Stork ’08, the co-founder of LuminAID Lab, which develops innovative solar-powered products for disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and recreational use outdoors; joined Dartmouth students in a Rockefeller Center-hosted virtual panel on careers in the public good.

The panelists discussed their backgrounds and what prompted them to get involved in social enterprise before offering advice to the event attendees. 

Message to the Community Regarding “Zoom-Bombing” Episode

On July 20th of 2020, a “Zoom-Bombing” incident took place during a Rockefeller Center career development event in which hateful language—including racial slurs and misogynistic language—was directed at panelists and Rocky staffers. The perpetrator is unknown at this time because this person, or possibly several people, used false identities. In any event, the incident was wrong and the actions likely violated conduct codes governing Dartmouth College activities. Accordingly, in the hours following the incident occurred, Rockefeller Center staff initiated an investigation with the local campus authorities and the Title IX office as well as with technology experts at Dartmouth and at Zoom, the internet firm whose software was being used to host the meeting.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the Rockefeller Center - July 22, 2020

With President Hanlon’s statement and renewed focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) initiatives (, we, at the Rockefeller Center, are reflecting on how DEI has played a role in our community, programs, and ourselves. Through the various Rockefeller Center programs, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere in which students from diverse backgrounds come together and learn from one another and from staff and guest speakers. In the past fifteen years, we have been and will continue to be intentional about program design and cohort selection. We value diversity and inclusion and work every day to model these values to the students; our intention is to prepare them to understand what diversity mean and help them to become active contributors to the creation of inclusive and equitable atmospheres in their future workplaces.


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