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Rockefeller Professional Preparation Program

The Rockefeller Professional Preparation Program (RP3) serves as a how-to guide for growing lifelong habits that lead to ongoing personal and professional growth.

About the Program

The Rockefeller Professional Preparation Program (RP3) mentors juniors and seniors as they approach graduation. The program is open to all undergraduates and provides information and resources on opportunities for both public and private sector careers in a variety of policy-related fields, such as health, energy, international relations, social justice, urban development, law, journalism, education, or the environment. The program has three separate components that take place over the fall, winter, and spring terms. Students are encouraged to participate all three terms, as each phase builds on a student's professional skills, but they also can be taken independently of each other.

Program Timeline

Fall Term - Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP)

RAMP prepares juniors and seniors for life after graduation by pairing them with young Dartmouth alumni pursuing a career or advanced degree in a related field of interest. The program can meet the needs of students who already have a post-graduation job and the needs of those students who are still applying for jobs.

Winter Term - Rockefeller Peer Mentoring Program (RPMP)

RPMP pairs first-year students with juniors and seniors actively engaged at the Rockefeller Center. Participants meet weekly for informal coaching on mentorship and networking skills that will be vital in the professional world. First-years have the chance to develop their network with students in other classes, while mentors have the opportunity to practice leadership and mentoring skills that are transferable to their post-graduation plans. 

Spring Term - Professional Preparation Program (P3)

Participants meet for 8 weekly sessions with speakers and a curriculum specially designed to meet the professional development needs of students nearing graduation. Sessions cover such things as negotiation skills, conflict resolution, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, emotional intelligence and mindfulness, and financial literacy.

Registration Process

Accepting applications now for 18S

For more information, contact Tatyana Gao, Program Officer.

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