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Internships 101: Use the Winter Break to Land an Upcoming Internship

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Written by student program assistant Kate Shelton ’14 and Rockefeller Center Staff, the following is a post to help to provide resources and ideas on finding and securing internships. Though this post was written with Dartmouth College students in mind, it's advice that anyone searching for an internship experience can reference. Think about the equivalent office, department or academic center on your campus.

Winter interim is the perfect time to hunt down a leave-term internship. With no classes to attend, papers to write, or exams to take, you can dedicate time to finding a position for a future term. Keep in mind that it is generally best to plan at least two terms in advance for an upcoming leave term – perfect timing if you’re off this Summer.

With the support of the Rockefeller Center, students have interned with a wide variety of organizations and agencies including governmental entities, non-profits, or think tanks focusing on any of the sectors within public policy, including economics, education, environment, health, international relations, and law. Students taking advantage of this opportunity are able to connect in-the-classroom academics to real-world experiences while being able to build valuable professional networks and contacts in the field – not to mention also being able to make a real difference by researching and analyzing the vital policy matters of our times.

Visit our past interns webpage to view a multitude of agencies where students have previously performed their internships with the support of the Rockefeller Center. This list includes a four-year history of organizations to examine with links to each organization’s website where you can go for more information. All previously funded interns expect to be contacted, so if you would like to find out more about any particular internship, you are strongly encouraged to contact any one of our past interns directly if you have any questions about their experience.

Still looking for ideas? Visit the Dartmouth Career Services websitealong with DartBoard, or check out all posts tagged with “internships” on this blog for postings that we are aware of and additional resources. There are also some internet search engines that previous interns have found to be helpful, including:

If you’re back on campus for the Winter term and still haven’t found the right internship for you, email “Rockefeller Student Programs” to setup an appointment so you can talk to the Rockefeller Center Staff about the options you may be considering.

Once you find an internship for your leave-term you can apply for funding through the Rockefeller Center if your internship is eligible. When you’re ready, check out our handy for specific details on how to apply.

Funding application deadlines for the upcoming Spring 2013 and Summer 2013 terms are February 6, 2013 and April 24, 2013 respectively.

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