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Rockefeller Leadership Fellow: Julia Pomerantz '16

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This series introduces the 2015-2016 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows. Each fellow reflects on why he or she wanted to be a part of the program and what aspects of leadership most interests them.

I believe that leaders need plenty of training and opportunities to learn from one another, and throughout my development in high school and college, I have readily looked for chances to work with other leaders to better my leadership capabilities. When I was first told of the RLF program by past and current RLFs, as well as by Rocky staff, I was most interested in the structure of the program. I am excited to interact with other campus leaders who represent a great variety of Dartmouth communities and spend our senior year learning more about our strengths and weaknesses while ultimately working toward the exciting goal of selecting a great group of future FEllows.

As someone who is interested in working in healthcare management - like hospital administration, pharmaceutical strategy, or involved in the management of a biotech company - I hoppe to further other Fellows' understanding of what it is like to work with people of all different walks of life and experiences. My clinical background has enabled me to learn to never assume anything about a person and to always be aware that they have their own stories and hardships. It is sometimes too easy to forget this, but I think that this is a critical concept to remember when learning how to be an effective and fair leader, group member, and future administrator.

Throughout my three years at Dartmouth, I have been involved in several leadership positions and am interested in learning more about how to balance being an active leader with a more "passive" participatory role in order to allow other members to take the reigns and develop their own leadership capabilities. As the Director of Philanthropy for the last two DartMUN conferences, I was in charge of planning and carrying out philanthropy programming for over 550 students. Similarly, as a UGA, I have learned to be prepared for the unexpected and anticipate things like administrative policy changes, residents needing urgent care, and plans changing at the very last minute. I hope that my involvement in these experiences will serve to contribute to next year's RLF group as we engage with what it means to be a leader on campus and after Dartmouth.

Julia Pomerantz ’16 is a pre-med Economics and Chemistry major, with a minor in Russian Area Studies. She is an elected member of the Committee on Standards, head of philanthropy for DartMUN, and a part of the Rockefeller Center student staff since sophomore year. Julia is also a UGA, a member of Women in Science Project (WISP), and an executive of OneDartmouth, a new organization with programming that serves to bring together Dartmouth undergraduates, graduate, and professional students. This summer, Julia will be working at a consulting firm, and looks forward to learning more about strategy and management to combine her interests in an eventual healthcare policy or hospital administration career. She hails from Toronto, Canada, where she graduated from the University of Toronto Schools and was a part of science Olympiads, musical theater productions, and a community service leadership group.

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