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PRS Student Presents Research on Renewable Energy Incentives to the Lebanon, NH Energy Advisory Committee



Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop student Brian Freeman '11 speaks with a member of the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee in Lebanon, NH on May 19, 2011.



PRS Students Present Carbon Tax Research to the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club

On May 11, 2011, four students from the Policy Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center were the invited guests for the bi-monthly meeting of the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club comprised of citizens from both Vermont and New Hampshire interested in environmental justice issues. The students, Alexi Pappas '12, Lindsay Brewer '13, Marissa Greco '12, and Zachary Schwartz '11 presented the results of an analysis of carbon tax implementation strategies, reviewing New Hampshire's current energy policies as a part of a comprehensive climate change plan. Engaging with case studies where carbon taxes were implemented at the producer and consumer level, the students demonstrated ways a climate tax could be designed and effectively utilized in a New Hampshire setting.
The Policy Research Shop is supported in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) program.

Women's Fund of NH Guest Speakers Lead MLDP Session on Fundraising

Marianne Jones, Executive Director of the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire, led a recent MLDP session about fundraising. Marianne was joined by her colleague Lindsay Hanson, Associate Director of the Women’s Fund of New Hampshire after working as the NH Women’s Vote Director for Obama for America. Jones has over twenty years of leadership experience in philanthropy and nonprofit management, including expertise in grant-making, fundraising, and long-range, strategic planning. Ms. Jones has worked in philanthropy and nonprofit management in New Hampshire as well as in the Seattle and Boston areas.

MLDP Participants Reviewed Strategies for Event Planning and Stress Management

Marty Jacobs speaks to MLDP about "Turning Dreams into Reality: The Power of Strategic Planning and Systems Thinking"

Developing a Global Mindset at MLDP with Dickey Center's Chris Wohlforth

Chris Wohlforth, Associate Director of the Dickey Center for International Understanding, joined the MLDP group earlir this month to lead a session on developing a global mindset.

UNH Law Professor John Garvey speaks to MLDP students on the art of negotiation

Professor Michele Tine Dicusses Research on Working Memory Differences at SPRIG Faculty Workshop

On June 7, 2011, the Social Psychology Research Interest Group (SPRIG) Faculty Workshop hosted Dr. Michele Tine, an Assistant Professor in the Education Department at Dartmouth College. In a presentation entitled "Uncovering Working Memory Differences in Rural and Urban Poverty", Professor Tine described an in-progress study of verbal and visual working memory among low-SES urban and rural children. The study shows that low-SES urban children seem to have larger overall working memory deficits, but low-SES rural children have particularly poor visual working memory. Professor Tine argued that it is important to determine the unique cognitive profiles of rural and urban children so that educational interventions can be effectively implemented and educational policies can be effectively designed based on local needs.

Spring 2011 Special Project: Powershift 2011 Conference

During the Spring 2011 term, The Rockefeller Center provided special project support to the group of Dartmouth students who attended the Powershift 2011 conference.  Read on for comments and photos from the group.  You can also see this article from The Dartmouth, published on April 19, 2011.

2011 Senior Class Marshals include Four Rocky Leadership Fellows

2011 Senior Class Marshal Joseph Coleman ’11
Originally uploaded by Dartmouth FlickrCongrats to Rockerfeller Leadership Fellows from the Class of 2011 -- Joe Coleman, Emily Broas, Sarah Frostenson, Chris Han -- and the other Dartmouth students that have been selected to be 2011 Class Marshals.


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