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Rockefeller Mini-Grants Program Recap: 18th Annual Inuit Studies Conference

Starting this fall, we began to offer Rocky Mini-Grants as a way to support students and student organizations who took initiative to extend their learning outside of the classroom.  The funding decisions and other program logistics are provided by our Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistants.

This report was submitted by Meghan A. Topkok '13 as part of her grant documentation requirements.

Prof. Samwick Shares Thoughts on Fiscal Cliff in @usnews and Dartmouth Now

"Our biggest problem is that we’ve become accustomed to having a tax system that doesn’t raise enough revenue to cover our expenses. We’d be closer to it if we allowed all the policies in the fiscal cliff to actually revert. It’s not ideal to have them all revert at once, but that’s better than continuing to kick the can down the road. When you come to a fiscal cliff, take it." -- Andrew Samwick, Dartmouth Now Faculty Forum

AmeriCares CEO Curt Welling '71 Tu '77 Facilitates RLF Session on "Leadership and the Importance of Perspective and Expectations"

Curt Welling ’71 Tu’77, President and CEO of AmeriCares and Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Center, joined us for our last session of the fall entitled, “Leadership and the Importance of Perspective and Expectations.” Welling opened with a brief background on his career and AmeriCares’ current work helping the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy. He used his career experiences, from investment banking to non-profit work, to frame his message throughout the session. Knowing that the Fellows are currently deciding what opportunities to pursue next year, Welling noted that this session would be important in bridging the transition from college, “where success is defined for you”, to the workplace and outside world “where you need to be the architect to define your own success.”

RBEL Host Prof. Punam Keller

Read a student's account of a recent session of Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders, one of our student-led groups.

Student Summary: “What Now? Post-Election Opportunities and Challenges”

We encourage students to submit summaries of Rockefeller Center sponsored and co-sponsored programs.  Read a student's account of a recent panel discussion featuring Professor Bafumi, Professor Fowler, and Professor Nyhan and moderated by Professor Wheelan.  See article about the event from The Dartmouth here.

This post-election panel was one of the best talks that I’ve attended at Dartmouth. Ever since election night, I’ve read the news, watched political shows, and talked to friends about what Obama’s reelection means for what lies ahead. I came into the panel expecting to hear many of the same thoughts I’d heard already, yet its insights were new and sometimes completely different from what you hear in the media. Hearing about the election from an academic perspective was so refreshing.

PoliTALK with Jennifer Taub: Regulation of Financial Institutions

Read a student's account of a recent lecture by Jennifer Taub and the following dinner and discussion hosted by PoliTalk.

VoxMasters Builds Upon and Improves Skills

Read a student's account of a recent session of Rocky VoxMasters, one of our student-led groups. 

I went to a “passion” themed session of VoxMasters during the fall term. That week’s event was hosted by both the VoxMasters student group and the Modern Abolition Initiative. Aside from eating delicious Thai food, we gathered to practice making “call to action” speeches. This is a subject we had also covered in an earlier MLDP session, so I was able to gain further experience with this type of speech. Participants spoke about everything from the power of coincidence to broken tennis rackets, and one even gave a speech about puppies after seeking topic ideas from the crowd.

MLDP to Fund Winter Greek Leadership Training Event

Read a student’s account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program. For more information, about MLDP, click here

As part of their completion of MLDP, Fall 2012 participants were asked to assemble into groups and propose leadership events to be implemented in the winter.

Channeling their creativity and organizational skills, eight groups submitted proposals for events within a $500 budget. The insightful proposals ranged from Custodian Appreciation Day to Green Bikes @ Dartmouth to lectures by various distinguished speakers. On the basis of a popular vote within MLDP, a single winner was selected for funding: Leadership in Greek Houses Training, or LIGHT.

The brainchild of Meredith Sweeney ’14, Eric Yang ’14, Tim Xu ’14, Nikki Sachdeva ’15, and Luke Katler ‘15, LIGHT seeks to tap into the leadership potential of newly affiliated members. Three out of five LIGHT members are affiliated with a Greek organization, which gave the group the perspective and inkling to establish such an event.

RLF Recap: Nate Fick Discusses Various Types of Authority in Leadership

Nate Fick discussed his career experience with the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows on Thursday, October 8th. An important theme of this experience was the differentiation of leaders with legal versus moral authority.

Fick learned this originally in the military, where he ranked higher than more experienced officers based on his college education. His understanding of different types of authority and competence was applicable beyond the military, when he held leadership positions at a policy think tank and, currently, a venture capital technology firm.

Fick's leadership strategy is thus based in making sure his team can succeed, providing the necessary infrastructure of values and communication.
Fick emphasized the importance of honesty, integrity and camaraderie in the work place and creating an environment where trust drives open communication. He stressed that leaders must be able to take personal hits for the good of the group, and that doing so will build trust critical in a functional organization.

-By Elizabeth Hoffman '13

Rockefeller Mini-Grants Program Recap: Link Up Dinner

Each term, Link Up hosts the Proud to be a Woman Dinner in Alumni Hall, catered by the Hanover Inn. The event features a speaker and includes facilitated discussions at the tables. This term's speaker was Susan Brison, Professor of Philosophy at Dartmouth.

Professor Brison spoke about her experience surviving sexual assault and how music and the arts helped her get through. We felt Professor Brison's story was important because it gave a personal face to an often hidden experience, especially here at Dartmouth. Her focus on the ability of the arts to uplift was timed in order to align with the Year of the Arts.

The table conversations are sometimes the most important moments for the event and for the organization; through them, women can feel included within the community of women and Dartmouth and find points of parity between themselves and others that they may not have felt before that night. These dinners foster relationships betweenwomen on campus.


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