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Rocky Mini-Grants Experiences: Kairos Global Summit 2013 (Zhuang)

On the New York Stock Exchange Bell Podium
At the Kairos Global Summit 2013, I developed relationships with some of the brightest college entrepreneurs and industry mentors, participated in a mobile health workshop
led by Johnson and Johnson, and saw student companies showcase their products and services on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Throughout the weekend, I
learned topical things such as about the challenges in pushing the envelope of mobile health and education. I also learned entrepreneurship lessons on managing teams,
marketing, and building partnerships from my peers and mentors. 

During Johnson and Johnson's mobile health workshop, I saw and learned about cutting-edge products in mobile health such as self-diagnostic tools that can track your personal health metrics, a personal health scorecard, and a health worker robot. It was fascinating to learn how innovative products were being launched by a big corporation like Johnson and Johnson and what makes it possible.  

RLF Recap: Gregg Fairbrothers and Decision-Making in Leadership

Professor Fairbrothers '76, founding director of the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network (DEN) and adjunct professor of business administration at Tuck, talked to us about decision-making in leadership. Fairbrothers began the session by giving us insight into his own career decisions, from choosing to come to Dartmouth and work for an oil and gas company after obtaining a master's degree to deciding to retire early and founding DEN to encourage entrepreneurship at Dartmouth. Quoting Stephen Covey, Fairbrothers explained that "successful people start out with the end in mind." He suggested the formula success = results - expectations holds true. We have to define for ourselves what “success” means to us. Fairbrothers remarked that he hopes to inspire his students to tie their definition of success to positive social value.

Meet & Greet with the 2013 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows - Thursday, March 7th from 5-6 PM

Learn more about the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows Program, and meet the current Fellows from the Class of 2013.

The event will take place on Thursday, March 7th from 5-6 PM in Hinman Forum. Refreshments will be served!

Members of the Class of 2014 are highly encouraged to attend as they consider submitting their applications for next year's group. All other students are welcome to chat with current fellows about the Dartmouth programs and activities they participated in prior to RLF that contributed to their success.

Round up of Recent Rocky Media Mentions

How updated are you about Rocky in the media? If you've felt out of the loop lately, here is your recap of recent Rocky media mentions:

Alum Michael Belinsky '08 featured in the Economist
>>During his time at Dartmouth, Michael Belinsky was involved in a number of Rocky programs including RLF and the 2007 Democratic Presidential Debate.  He has also given back to undergrads as a MLDP speaker.

RLF Recap: Harry Sheehy Speaks about "Contemporary Leadership Competencies"

Harry Sheehy, Chair and Director of Athletics at Dartmouth College, spoke to the Fellows about ‘Contemporary Leadership Competencies’. According to Sheehy, every leader will encounter six types of people in his or her lifetime. These people include the ‘resistant’, ‘reluctant’, ‘existent’, ‘compliant’, ‘committed’ and ‘compelled’ team members. These six types of team members can further be characterized into ‘energy-givers’ and ‘energy-takers’ – a leader should try to maximize the ‘energy-givers’ in her team. In this regard, Sheehy emphasized that “as a leader, you will get exactly what you tolerate”. So, it is important not to make general criticism but give constructive feedback to individuals who require it. In addition to this, it is important to be authentic and genuine, and to lead by example.

In order to begin a discussion on whether the end justifies the means, Sheehy gave the example of Bobby Knight, a controversial NCAA basketball coach. To highlight the qualities of humility and the importance of enabling teammates, Sheehy provided the example of Jeremy Lin, an American professional basketball player.

MLDP Recap: Problem Solving, Decision Making and Negotiation with John Burwell Garvey

Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information, about MLDP, click here.
During the seventh week of MLDP, we explored the nuances of problem solving, decision-making, and negotiation. John Burwell Garvey, Professor and Director of the Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program at the UNH School of Law guided us through a series of scenarios in which we learned how personal qualities and motivations can affect decision-making. For example, I learned fairness was more important to me than competition.

RLF Recap: David Ager on Leadership, Alignment, and Organizational Chance

David Ager, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, spoke to the Fellows about "Leadership, Alignment, and Organizational Change". Prior reading to his lecture included two Harvard Business School case studies called ‘Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley’ and ‘The Firmwide 360° performance evaluation Process at Morgan Stanley’. The case studies used the example of Rob Parson, a market coverage professional at Morgan Stanley, who was implicitly guaranteed promotion by the leader of his team, Paul Nasr. When he first recruited Parson, Nasr had implied that he would promote Parson to the role of managing director on the completion of his first year with the firm.

Ager used the example of Rob Parson to highlight how the initial source of success for an individual can become a fatal flaw. For Parson, these initial sources of success included his stellar track record, brilliance, commitment, charm, and ambition.

Career Conversation with David Uejio

Read a student's account of a Career Conversation lunch with one of our speakers for the Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information, about MLDP, click here.

Learn from your classmates' experiences at the Mini-Grant Info Session March 1st at 3:30 PM

WHAT: Rocky Mini-Grants Poster/Info Session
WHEN: Friday, March 1, 3:30-4:30 PM
WHERE: Hinman Forum, Rockefeller Center.

Find out what kind of mini-grants were funded this term, such as: 

  • Association of American Geographers 2013 Conference
  • Kairos Global Summit
  • Africa Business Conference

Talk to members of the working group and find out how you can apply for mini-grant funding through the Rockefeller Center. Pizza will be served. Open to all Dartmouth students.

For more information about Rocky mini-grants, visit here.

David O' Brien Presents: "Judges on Judging: Views from the Bench"

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The scheduled public program with David O'Brien, "Judges on Judging" has been canceled until further notice.

As the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act reminded us, the Courts have a continued impact on the laws and policies that shape our lives. From Roe v. Wade to Brown v. Board of Education, the Courts have been instrumental in not only responding to popular sentiment of the nation, but also proactively taking a leadership role in directing the course of our nation.
David O’Brien, Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, will discuss off-the-bench commentaries of judges and justices on the changing nature of judging and the federal courts; in a time where media is unavoidable and the nation is hyper-polarized in political partisanship, many scholars question the nonpartisanship of the decisions handed down by the Courts. Prof. O’Brien will discuss the rival theories of constitutional interpretation, and the federal-state court relations regarding today’s most pressing legal and policy issues.


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