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Rocky Hosts Students from Phillip Exeter Academy

On Wednesday, July 20, the Rockefeller Center facilitated a visit to Dartmouth’s campus for 26 students in Phillip Exeter Academy’s Charles J. Hamm Leadership Program. The students from the program came from across the globe, including countries such as Venezuela and Australia.

The Leadership Program is a selective part of Exeter Summer School where Exeter provides students with the opportunity to live on campus and take classes for five weeks in the summer. In the program, students are submerged in a learning environment designed to foster reflection upon what enables effective leadership and to develop their own leadership abilities through academic coursework, study of leadership theory, examination of the lives of historical leaders, group excursions across New England, and practical team-based projects.

Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant Audrey Zheng ’18, who planned the visit along with other Rockefeller Center staff, said that the purpose of the Exeter visit to Dartmouth was to both introduce high school students to our campus as well as to give the students “a sneak peek at what active engagement in leadership learning looks like in college.”

2016 Mandela Washington Fellow: Ruvimbo Katiyo

Ruvimbo Katiyo Creator, Hair and Beauty Hub, Zimbabwe

Ruvimbo Katiyo has over four years in the beauty and fashion industry, including hair care, cosmetics, and jewelry design. Her passion for using entrepreneurship to make a positive impact in her community was ignited during her sophomore year at Berea College in Kentucky, where she was selected as a fellow for the Entrepreneurship for the Public Good Program. The program, designed in the Appalachian region, allowed her to witness the challenges that people face in the Appalachian region, which motivated her to apply the same model to her community. After her graduation, Ruvimbo returned to Zimbabwe where she began using her talents in design and jewelry as a starting point for earning a steady income. Later, she started to teach other women these skills in order to provide them with ways to earn their own income. 

Public Program: “Will Obama’s America Vote for Trump?"

President Obama rode sweeping demographic changes to clear victories in the last two presidential elections. Yet Donald Trump, who seems to go out of his way to alienate Mr. Obama's diverse coalition, is competitive in the general election. How can a candidate like Mr. Trump compete in the same country that elected Mr. Obama just four years ago? And will he win?

Nate Cohn, political correspondent for "The Upshot," a policy and politics site at The New York Times, will give the keynote address of the 2016 Dartmouth Experiments Conference titled, "Will Obama's America Vote for Trump?"

The Experiments Conference is sponsored by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, the Department of Government, the Program in Quantitative Social Science, and the Politics and Law Program.

The Rockefeller Center's Annual Student and Alumni Reception

On Thursday, June 16, 2016, the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center hosted its annual Student and Alumni Reception in Washington, DC. Each year the occasion provides an opportunity for the Center’s First-Year Fellows, newly arrived to the city and ready to embark on their 8-week summer internships, to meet and network with their Dartmouth Alumni mentors.

“The First-Year Fellows program is a great example of the partnership between the Rockefeller Center and Dartmouth alumni, who find many ways to contribute to the education of each successive cohort of Dartmouth students,” noted the Center’s Director, Professor Andrew Samwick, during his brief remarks at the reception.

In addition to those involved with the First-Year Fellows program, the reception is open to all current Dartmouth students interning in DC during the summer and area alumni with a connection to the Center.

This year the reception took place at American University's School of International Service at the invitation of Lou Goodman '64, Emeritus Dean and Professor of International Relations at American University and a Rockefeller Center Board of Visitor.

The Mandela Washington Fellows at Dartmouth

In April of 2013, President Obama announced the creation of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) during his visit to Africa. The program, now known as the “Mandela Washington Fellowship,” is overseen by the U.S. State Department and the International Research & Exchanges Board (IREX) and over 1000 young African leaders have participated so far.

The goals of the Mandela Washington Fellowship are:

  •     build and sustain a network of young Sub-Saharan leaders
  •     strengthen ties between Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States
  •     prepare Fellows for future leadership opportunities in Africa

Each summer colleges and universities across the country host 25 Fellows for a six-week course that provides leadership training, academic coursework, and mentoring in one of three areas: business and entrepreneurship, civic leadership, and public management.

The First-Year Fellows arrive in Washington, DC

The Class of 2019 First-Year Fellows arrived in Washington, DC this week to begin the summer internship portion of the program. During their first week in the nation's capitol, they continue Civic Skills Training (CST), which is designed to provide the First-Year Fellows with the skills necessary to excel in their placement internships and beyond. 

The CST curriculum covers everything from team work, collaboration, public speaking, networking, advocacy writing, project management, and professionalism. The sessions build cumulatively in order to provide a comprehensive and coherent picture of the public and nonprofit sectors, as well as individual management and leadership development.



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