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Policy Research Shop Testimony: February 22, 2018


On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop students Nicole Beckman ’20, Hanna Bliska ’20, and Eliza Jane Schaeffer ’20 travelled to Montpelier to testify before the Vermont House Committee on Corrections and Institutions.  The students spent the fall and winter terms researching and drafting their report, “Medication Assisted Treatment Programs in Vermont State Correctional Facilities,” (PRS Policy Brief 1718-03) at the request of Committee Chair Alice Emmons and Vice Chair “Butch” Shaw. 

Marton Speaks About Mass Incarceration and Decarceration

Graduating in the Class of 2004, Janos Marton '04 attributes Dartmouth as the place where he got his “intellectual bearings and found a lot of [his] passions.” In an interview, he remarked that “When it comes to criminal justice, taking the raw emotional feelings I had behind it and translating that into an understanding of how the system works propelled me into a career that I have.”

Throughout his transitory careers, Marton noted that there has been a continuous focus on detail and aiding those directly impacted by the system. Evidently, he has pursued intellectual engagement with direct community impacts. The socioeconomic issues conflated with mass incarceration have since led to Marton’s involvement in JustLeadershipUSA, a national advocacy organization for decarceration. The organization is committed to cutting the correctional population in half by 2030 through the empowerment of communities most harmed by mass incarceration, including groundbreaking organizing efforts for those inside and coming from prison.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Visits PBPL 5 Class

On Monday, February 19, 2018, former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), visited Professor Shaiko's Public Policy 5 Class. 

Senator Ayotte, the 2018 Perkins Bass Distinguished Visitor at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center, spoke to the class of approximately 100 students about how experiences working with her colleagues in the Senate to adopt more evidence-based processes of selecting and evaluating new and ongoing government programs.

Senator Ayotte highlighted her contribution to a book that is being read by PBPL 5 student this term—Moneyball for Government—edited by former Congressman and former OMB Director under President George W. Bush, Jim Nussle,+ and former OMB director under President Obama, Peter Orszag. In the book, Senator Ayotte joined Senator Mark Warner, (D-VA) in writing a chapter about their views on performance/evidence-based policymaking. 

The Dartmouth College Public Service Legacy Project

Read more profiles about alumni who served in public office and made an impact.

When he was a student in the late 1920s, Nelson A. Rockefeller ’30 helped the nearby town of White River Junction recover from the Great Vermont Flood of 1927. His only request was to not be featured in any newspaper or other media article because his father, John D. Rockefeller, discouraged such publicity. Unearthing a little-known anecdote such as this one, connects undergraduate students to Nelson Rockefeller—a public figure who went on to contribute his wisdom, energy, and resources to the nation as a governor and vice president.

The Rockefeller Center was dedicated in September of 1983 in honor of Nelson Rockefeller. At the same time, his Class of 1930 dedicated a wall in the Center that recognizes all Dartmouth alumni and alumnae who have served in public office with a plaque bearing the individuals’ names and service.

A New RGLP Cohort Explores Cultural Competency

Monday, January 8th, 2018 marked the first session of the 2018 Winter Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP). As student program assistants, we always enjoy watching the new cohort meet one another for the first time, and this term’s group seemed particularly excited. We have 26 participants of various cultural backgrounds, all eager to explore their conceptions of culture and develop their leadership skills.

After a delicious dinner catered by Jewel of India, the session began with a welcome from Sadhana Hall, Deputy Director of the Rockefeller Center. Sadhana explained the intent of RGLP to bring a global dimension to the Rockefeller Center’s leadership and public policy mission. By the end of this introduction, it was time to get people moving and talking, so the entire group shifted to the Hinman Forum for an icebreaker activity that focused on the group getting to know each other a bit better.

Student Facilitators Prepare for DLAB

How do you guide a small group of first-year students through conversations about values and exercises that facilitate self-reflection, especially when these topics can quickly become personal and controversial? Each year’s cohort of student facilitators for the Dartmouth Leadership Attitude and Behaviors (DLAB) program prepare to do just that through an intensive facilitation training program.  

Structured in a way that allows facilitators to experience an abbreviated version of each DLAB session, the training takes place the week before the program begins in January.


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