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Class of 1971

Chair of the Rockefeller Board of Visitors Curt Welling D '71, T '77 Joins the Tuck School of Business

This afternoon, Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business announced that former AmeriCares president and CEO Curt Welling D '71, T '77 join Tuck's Center for Global Business & Government and the Center for Business & Society as a senior fellow. Welling assumed the joint appointments on the first of the year following his 11-year tenure at the non-profit global health and disaster organization.

Welling has maintained several ties to Dartmouth, including serving as the Chair of the Rockefeller Center's Board of Visitors. He also facilitates a session on "How We Process and Make Decisions" for the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows.

Public Program with David Levy '71 "No Time to Think"

In the last 20 to 25 years, the world has experienced a full-fledged technological transformation. With over 6 billion active mobile phone subscriptions and the widespread use of social media and online educational resources, there are few limits on the amount of time one can spend interacting with the world via today’s high-tech tools.
This near-constant absorption and dissemination of information has sparked progress and collaboration on many fronts. However, this perpetual stimulation has one other important consequence: humans are left with very little time to actually think.
David Levy ‘71, a Professor at the University of Washington’s Information School, explores this phenomenon in a Rockefeller Center lecture, “No Time to Think.” Levy will explore the significance of overwhelming external stimuli and information and present tactics that are currently being explored to moderate this new technological reality. An expert in the ethics of information technology and its affect on quality of life, Levy proposes solutions to what is known as ‘overload’ through contemplative practices.

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences