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Class of 2007

Sonia Faruqi ’07 speaks about food and farm public policy

On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Sonia Faruqi ’07 presented a talk entitled, “An Investigator’s Perspective on Food and Animal Public Policy,” and considered the issue from a state, federal and international perspective. Given the globalized nature of the food-production network, animal cruelty is a widespread and pressing issue. Sonia Faruqi ’07 left her job as an investment banker on Wall Street to uncover the patterns of animal cruelty that still exist today. Her book, Project Animal Farm, traces her journey investigating animal farms around the world, toward the aim of benefiting animals, human health and the environment.

Project Animal Farm is the only book of its kind, has been long-listed for the Chatauqua Prize, and is also being translated for international release. The Dartmouth Alumni Magazine called the book “a critical and educational examination of the food system…”

Further, Sonia is a frequent TV and radio guest and her work has been covered in dozens of media publications, including Salon, Vice, Forbes, The Toronto Star, and The Boston Globe. The Toronto Star described her as “iron-willed, obsessively organized, and brave.”

Class of 2007 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Front Row (left to right): Maryanna Quigless, Natalya Shulga, Whitney MacFadyen, Kirsten Murray

Back Row (left to right): Karan Danthi, DJ Wolff, Shala Byers, Nik Nartowicz, Alex Kehl, LaVon Morgan, Adam Shpeen, Sofia Faruqi, Jessica Chen, Amanda Brown, Rosie Hughes, Jack Groetzinger

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