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Class of 2010

Turning Your Passion Into Your Living with a Liberal Arts Degree

On Friday, August 4th, the Rockefeller Center hosted a one-day conference entitled “How to Make Your Passion Your Living with a Liberal Arts Degree.” The purpose of the conference was to help students learn how to translate their interests into careers that have meaning and impact.

Puja Devi ’19 values a liberal arts degree “because it encourages me to both delve into my interests as well as explore fields I might not favor as much.” Even though she is a government major, she has taken classes in sociology and women’s and gender studies, studied abroad in India, and is currently searching for research projects in geography.

The conference featured remarks from Rebecca Biron, Dean of the College, about the versatility of a liberal arts degree as well as six young alumni.

Rey Allie ’11 studied Government and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. He has developed insights to help Uber expand into new markets across the world, expanded the scope and reach of Google’s Intelligence and Investigations team, and currently advises senior leaders on strategic initiatives and opportunities at OfferUp.

First-Year Fellow Mentor: Michael Morris P'10 & ’14

The First-Year Fellows program is a unique opportunity for first-year students to engage meaningfully in public policy early in their Dartmouth careers. Each year, around 20 students are selected and placed in fellowships with Dartmouth alumni in Washington, D.C., who are willing to take on a significant mentoring role.

“At National Disability Institute, we are so pleased to again be a mentor to a First-Year Fellow. This summer, our Dartmouth student has again demonstrated a love of learning, strong analytical skills, and a motivation and commitment to advocacy, policy change and social justice. We have also benefitted from her time with us as we share insights about how policy evolves and she has shared her insights about government in action and the dynamic landscape we work in. Thank you for the opportunity to develop future leaders with such strong skills and values!” –Michael Morris, Executive Director of the National Disability Institute

Introducing the Class of 2010 First-Year Fellows

The Rockefeller Center congratulates the following members of the Class on 2010 on their selection into the First-Year Fellow program, and acknowledges the First-Year Fellow mentors, whose dedication and support make this program possible. 

Class of 2010 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Front Row: Benjamin Campbell, Louisa Pollard, Alexander Lloyd, Alison B. Miller, Joanne Schneider, Derikka Mobley, Matthew Applegate, Jessica Guthrie, Joseph Santo; Back Row: William Schpero, Frances Vernon (withdrawn), Maura Cass, Joanna Pucci, Charles W. Friedland, Michael Brasher, David Knight, Uma Mullapudi; Missing in the Photo: Sarah Alexander, Tilman Dette, Roselina Harmony Gbe, Jensen Lowe, Andrew Peisch. RLF Student Assistant: Alexander Rivadeneira

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