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Class of 2012

Turning Your Passion Into Your Living with a Liberal Arts Degree

On Friday, August 4th, the Rockefeller Center hosted a one-day conference entitled “How to Make Your Passion Your Living with a Liberal Arts Degree.” The purpose of the conference was to help students learn how to translate their interests into careers that have meaning and impact.

Puja Devi ’19 values a liberal arts degree “because it encourages me to both delve into my interests as well as explore fields I might not favor as much.” Even though she is a government major, she has taken classes in sociology and women’s and gender studies, studied abroad in India, and is currently searching for research projects in geography.

The conference featured remarks from Rebecca Biron, Dean of the College, about the versatility of a liberal arts degree as well as six young alumni.

Rey Allie ’11 studied Government and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. He has developed insights to help Uber expand into new markets across the world, expanded the scope and reach of Google’s Intelligence and Investigations team, and currently advises senior leaders on strategic initiatives and opportunities at OfferUp.

Caitlin Keenan instrumental in developing the Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program

For the past year, the Rockefeller Center has been establishing a range of new programs, including a peer mentoring program. Rockefeller's mentoring program is structured in two parts: the Rockefeller Peer Mentoring Program and the Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program.

The Rockefeller Peer Mentoring Program provides the most recent class of First-Year Fellows and Civic Skills Training participants with student mentors pulled from the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows and select upperclassmen who can provide guidance and answer questions that will help sophomores plan the final three years of their Dartmouth experience. 

Nina Brekelmans '12 Receives Boren Fellowship for Language Studies, Gives Advice to Graduating Seniors

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center alum Nina Brekelmans '12 was recently awarded a Boren Fellowship.  The Boren Fellowship provides up to $30,000 for a year of language training abroad.  Accepting the Fellowship commits Nina to at least one year of work for the federal government in the area of national security. 

Courtney Wong '15, a Student Assistant at the Rockefeller Center, spoke with Nina about some of her thoughts and experiences about life after Dartmouth. 

Courtney Wong (CW): How did Dartmouth prepare you for life after graduation? What are some of the skills that you find valuable today?

Introducing the Class of 2012 First-Year Fellows

The Rockefeller Center congratulates the following members of the Class on 2012 on their selection into the First-Year Fellow program, and acknowledges the First-Year Fellow mentors, whose dedication and support make this program possible. 

Alumni Profile: Rebecca Gotlieb '12

"Dartmouth gave me the sunshine, water, and earth to grow; the Rockefeller Center gave me the fertilizer and trellis to enhance and expand that growth."

Senior Profile: Madeline Sims '12

"As I look to next year and beyond, I know that my Rocky experiences – along with classroom learning, research positions, and other extracurricular activities – have provided me with a solid foundation upon which to excel both personally and professionally."

Alumni Profile: Michael Randall '12

My decision to attend Dartmouth was motivated by two primary reasons: Dartmouth’s strong sense of community and its sterling academic reputation. Dartmouth provides the ideal fusion of a small liberal arts college and a large research university. I was excited by the potential to engage in scholarly research directly with professors on the cutting edge of their fields. Those same professors – not graduate TAs – also share their expertise in the courses they teach. I was also impressed by the variety of co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities available at Dartmouth, including those offered through the Rockefeller Center.

Senior Profile: Michelle Shankar '12

"I feel honored and blessed to have crossed paths with the Rockefeller Center. The RLF Program embodies my freshman-year vision of Dartmouth: engaging with students who have very different perspectives from me in order to improve ourselves and the world around us."

Senior Profiles: Wills Begor '12

"The Rockefeller Center has given me the skills and confidence to take risks as a leader both on and off campus."

Class of 2012 Rockefeller Leadership Fellows

Front Row: Jeremy Kaufmann, Arielle Cannon, Ariel Murphy, Anna-Kay Thomas, Anoosha Reddy, Ethan Weinberg, Annie Saunders; Middle Row: Max Pillsbury, Danielle Levin, Amrita Sankar, Parker Phinney, Hikaru Yamagishi, Michelle Shankar, Joan Leslie; Back Row: Will Mueller, Wills Begor, Julius Bedford, Wade Islan, Josh Riddle, Rebecca Gotlieb, Matt Jorgensen, Jason Goodman


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