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Register Now for The Startup Experience on June 20-21 with CEO and Entrepreneur Henrik Scheel!

Make a Social Impact: Explore. Innovate. Prototype. Present. Following a successful workshop last year, Rocky is bringing back The Startup Experience with serial entrepreneur and CEO and Founder of the Startup Experience Henrik Scheel this summer.

During this 1.5 day crash course on high-impact entrepreneurship and social innovation, participants will learn how to use design thinking and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to solve real social problems. Participants will go through a multi-stage process that begins with identifying and understanding big social problems and the people affected by those issues, and ends with teams pitching their innovative solutions and business models to a judging committee. Through this experience, students will improve their creative capacity, find inspiration, learn how to identify problems, understand users, and build ideas into tangible concepts, prototypes, and ventures.

EMBERS OF WAR: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam, with 2013 Pulitzer Prize winner Fredrik Logevall

Next year marks the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War. The 18-year engagement from which the United States ultimately withdrew continues to serve as a striking representation of United States politics and wartime strategy. Today, what many remember was the backlash the war created, the tremendous devastation and circumstances of the ultimate U.S. retreat. What arguably require equal attention are the roots of the conflict and the foreshadowing to this confrontation.

Fredrik Logevall, Stephen '59 and Madeline '60 Anbinder Professor of History and Vice Provost for International Affairs at Cornell University, will speak to this topic specifically as presented in his recently released non-fiction novel and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Embers of War: The Fall of an Empire and the Making of America's Vietnam. Logevall will shed light on how and why the United States became engaged in war in Vietnam through an innovative historical approach. He examines the causes of U.S. entanglement through the narrative of French colonialism, communism and its opponents and interventionist thinking.

Recap: "Becoming Global Citizens" with Kwame Anthony Appiah

We entered, in small crowds, into the white-walled, airy space of the Hanover Inn Grand Ballroom to await Kwame Anthony Appiah’s talk entitled “"Becoming Global Citizens: Civil Discourse Across Difference.” The talk was prefaced by a moment of silence for the recent passing of Torin Tucker ’15, and I was struck, as I often have been since the news of his death was released, by how much more we cling to each other when faced with tragedy. It isn’t a mere gesture of sentimentality, but more of an affirmation of the human bonds that exist even on a college campus where priorities are in perpetual competition.

Appiah’s talk itself focused on the value of conversation without agenda, without discernible aim, the kind that exposes one to discovery through accident. He proposed that we stumble upon ways to increase our acceptance of the differences that compose our world. Appiah’s description of a cosmopolitan conversation is of one that primarily takes place between strangers, particularly strangers on the move. 

"Becoming Global Citizens: Civil Discourse Across Difference," Annual William Jewett Tucker Lecture with Kwame Anthony Appiah

On Tuesday afternoon, Kwame Anthony Appiah will give the 2014 William Jewett Tucker Lectured discussing "Becoming Global Citizens: Civil Discourse Across Difference and for Social Change." Appiah is often called postmodern Socrates as he asks probing questions regarding identity, ethnicity, honor and religion during a period of shifting notions. Appiah will challenge us to look beyond the boundaries, both real and imagined, which divide us, and to celebrate our common humanity.

Appiah is a British-born Ghanaian-American philosopher, cultural theorist, and novelist whose interests include political and moral theory, the philosophy of language and mind, and African intellectual history. He has taught at Yale, Cornell, Duke, Harvard, and is currently a professor of philosophy and law at NYU. He is also the President of the PEN American Center, the world's oldest human rights organization and in 2012, he was awarded the National Humanities Medal by The White House.

Student Reactions from MLK Student Forum on Global Learning

On January 20th, students, faculty and staff congregated together for a Student Forum on Global Learning. Student presenters reflected on their experiences in a global context and on how their understanding of global issues, other cultures, and/or personal perceptions were enhanced by their cross-cultural experiences. The Rockefeller Center was just one of several campus institutions that helped sponsor the event.

We encouraged many students to attend the Student Forum, which was held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and some were able to. Here is a small sampling of feedback students provided after attending a few of the day's sessions:  

Andres Ramirez '14 Launches New Collis Consulting Group

Andres Ramirez '14 was recently featured in an article by The Dartmouth about his new student-run organization, The Collis Consulting Group. The group aims to establish guidelines for executive transitions in student organizations and teach groups about available resources. Additionally, the group wants to assist student groups unfamiliar with administrative tasks, such as budgeting and sending proposals to the Council on Student Organizations.

This term, the group will offer assistance to a few select organizations before expanding in the spring by consulting groups upon request. Andres plans on recruiting students with professional experience in consulting, finance, non-profit organizations and event-planning, as well as those involved in student organizations on campus. Selected members will remain in the group until they graduate, adhering to a dynamic similar to COSO's. In the long term, Andres would like the group to become an “umbrella organization” by consulting for campus religious groups and Greek organizations. Ultimately, the group wants to consult for companies in Hanover and the surrounding area. 

5th Annual Student Forum for Global Learning, Mon. Jan. 20th @ 11:30 am

 On Monday, January 20th, the nation remembers Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his efforts towards securing a better future for all Americans. After 50 years, his famous words "I have a dream" still ring true in the ears of many.

Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff will come together on Monday for the Student Forum on Global Learning, which will be held from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm in Kemeny Hall. The opening address will be delivered by President J. Hanlon '77 in Kemeny 008. Afterwards, 14 different drop-in presentations will occur between Noon and 3 pm followed by the Closing session with Evelyn Ellis of Institutional Diversity and Equity.

The forum provides students with a channel for expression and reflection on cross-cultural experiences, including but not limited to global and domestic internships, fellowships, research, service trips, and study abroad programs. Classes will be canceled, allowing students the opportunity to attend.

Several student presenters have current or past ties with the Rockefeller Center, such as:

Dartmouth to Host a Public Input Session on Proposed Rules to Federal Food Safety Law #fsma #vt #nh #ag

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Listening Session
 with officials from the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
August 20, 2013 Alumni Hall Auditorium at the Hopkins Center, Dartmouth College
9:30 a.m.—12:30 p.m. 

Jointly hosted by
the NH Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food and the VT Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets. 

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a 2011 law to reform our nation’s food safety laws. FSMA aims to ensure that the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.  The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for implementing the law and has proposed two rules to begin this implementation.  As drafted, the two rules may have far reaching impacts that could threaten small farms in New England and our growing sector of farmers markets, co-ops, and other local food venues.

How to Become Climate Problem Solvers and Leaders - Free, Open Event on 7/18/13 at 12:30 PM

Have you ever wondered how to influence change and become a leader in climate science? Find out more at a free, public event co-sponsored by the Climate Institute and the Rockefeller Center!FREE Light LUNCH will be available. When: Thursday July 18,2013 - 12.30 – 2 pmWhere: Rockefeller Center, Morrison Commons, Dartmouth College.

RSVP REQUESTED FOR FOOD ORDERINGThe Climate Institute and its Dartmouth Interns are here on campus to present ways in which you can become active in climate problem solving and become leaders in the field. The Climate Institute is the world’s first NGO based solely on addressing climate change. Formed in 1986, its primary aim is to empower students through research and the communication of climate awareness. We are now looking to spread the word of how to become involved in the dynamic world of climate science. 

Law School Student Panel: Thursday, May 9th at 8 PM in Rocky 3

LAW SCHOOL Student PanelThursday, May 9th @ 8pmROCKY 003 | The Rockefeller Center
 Join a panel of some of your most accomplished peers in a question-and-answer style discussing regarding the following topics:

  • How to navigate through Dartmouth as a 'pre-LAW' student (i.e. classes, professors, extracurriculars, etc.)
  • How to study for the LSAT / When to take the LSAT
  • What one can do with a JD (law degree) and why one would want to continue their studies at law school
  • and much more!

Speaking on the panel include seniors: Sam Marullo '13 (Yale Law School), Lindsay Brewer '13 (Yale Law School), and David Sayet '13 (Stanford Law School). Learn a little more about them below:


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