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2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The Rockefeller Center is happy to bring you first-hand coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year by Ester Cross '15.

The first day of the GOP convention passed largely without incident in Tampa, FL as Hurricane Isaac missed the city and all major convention events were rescheduled to Tuesday.

At a morning press conference, Russ Schriefer, strategist for the Romney campaign, unveiled plans for the first day of the convention, discussed Hurricane Isaac and insinuated that a Donald Trump appearance at the convention may yet be possible. For more information, see my coverage of the press conference on the Talk Radio News website.

2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

Ester Cross '15 shares observations and reflections.

The Rockefeller Center is happy to bring you first-hand coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this year.  Read on for Ester's most recent update. 

Even national political events planned in the span of over a year can be changed in a couple of days because of volatile weather patterns. Today would have been the first day of the Republican Convention if not for concerns about Hurricane Isaac and its effects on Tampa, FL. Taking precautionary measures, the RNC decided to postpone all events and speakers scheduled on Monday to Tuesday. The nomination of Candidate Mitt Romney to his party’s ballot will be postponed to Tuesday. The key Monday speech by Ann Romney is also moved to Tuesday as speeches of Republican Party leaders have been adjusted to meet the new three-day schedule.

2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The Rockefeller Center is happy to bring you first-hand coverage from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions by Ester Cross '15. 

Hello, and welcome to this Rocky on the Road blog series in which I will be discussing the Republican and Democratic National Conventions from the convention floors. I will first cover the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL from August 27-31. Then, I will travel to Charlotte, NC for the Democratic National Convention hosted from September 4-6. While at the conventions, I will be interning with the Talk Radio News Service, an organization that provides news reports to talk radio programs around the country as well as news coverage on their website and through television reporting.

“What Is Wrong (and Right) with Congress? A Critique by Two Former Congresswomen" on Monday, Febrary 27th at 4:30 PM

With current approval ratings at 12% and partisan deadlock preventing the U.S. Government from addressing such pressing issues as budget deficits and the national debt, many Americans have become disillusioned with the members of Congress they elected and the bureaucratic institution that seems too divided to serve the country. Former Congresswomen Beverly Byron and Sue Kelly will speak about their time in Congress, and the current state of the institution.

The Congress to Campus Program was founded as an opportunity for two former members of Congress, one Republican and one Democrat, to visit colleges and interact with students, drawing from their experiences to impart wisdom and insight on the future leaders of tomorrow. As part of the visit, the former members of Congress also participate in a public forum, open to students, faculty, staff, and community members.

The Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth is proud to welcome former Congresswomen Beverly Byron and Sue Kelly.

Rockefeller Center Faculty Called Upon for #FITN #NH Primary Analysis

The "First In The Nation" New Hampshire Primaries are over, and the attention of the campaigns and media have moved to states like South Carolina.  In the analysis stage of the NH Primary, Rockefeller Center staff and faculty have been called upon and quoted in several publications. 

Among them, Professors Ron Shaiko and Linda Fowler.  Shaiko is Senior Fellow and Associate Director of Curricular Programs at the Rockefeller Center, and Fowler is a former Director of the Rockefeller Center.  This winter term, Prof. Shaiko is teaching Introduction to Public Policy and Prof. Fowler is teaching Leadership and Political Institutions.

Here's a sampling of the recent media mentions:

A Look Back at the 2011 Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth #econdebate #fitn

As the First in the Nation NH Primary date draws near, the Rockefeller Center wanted to reflect on the ways students engaged with the candidates, debate partners, and the greater Dartmouth community last fall during the Bloomberg/The Washington Post/WBIN-TV Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth.

You can see more links to news, photos, and videos on the 2011 Debate web site.  You can also find an album of our behind the scenes photos and other media mentions on our Facebook page.

GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger at Dartmouth TODAY - Friday, 1/6/12

Fred Karger, the first openly gay presidential candidate, will be in Collis today (Friday, January 6th) from 10am to 12pm.  

Fred has been a fierce advocate for gay rights, filing the complaint that got the Mormon Church convicted of 13 counts of elections fraud for the Church's involvement in repealing gay marriage in California. Fred has positioned himself as the protest vote in the 2012 Republican Primary. As the only Moderate Republican, Fred is the only candidate who supports gay marriage, who is pro-choice, who supports marijuana legalization and wants us out of Afghanistan now.  According to the Karger campaign staff, Fred is tied with Rick Perry and Rick Santorum in the newest New Hampshire polls.  

Read about a past Karger event on campus here.

Students at Dartmouth Discuss Republican Presidential Candidates at #econdebate Focus Group

On October 11, 2011, sixteen Dartmouth undergraduates participated in a focus group prior to and immediately following the Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth College. The panelists came from all walks of life and were selected in hopes of representing the diversity of the campus.

The group was joined by Professor Ron Shaiko, Senior Fellow and Associate Director for Curricular and Research Programs at the Rockefeller Center, who served as their facilitator for this focus group. The focus group began with a discussion of the students’ first political experiences, agents of political socialization, and political ideology.

Dartmouth Alum-Run Company,, Shares Data Analysis of Republican Presidential Candidates #econdebate

The #EconDebate has come and gone, but the importance of election and the impressions that we share with others via social media continues.  In this post, we'd like to highlight the work of Dartmouth alum Rob Leathern (classmate of Rockefeller Center Assistant Director Danielle Thompson '97) and his company,  Their blog included a recent post that has been summarized below, with a note from founder and CEO Rob Leathern '97.

If you are a Dartmouth alum and would like to share your public policy-related news or work with the Rockefeller Center audience, we encourage you to submit your ideas directly to Danielle for consideration.

Original Post @
"Investigating the Republican Presidential Pool of Candidates through Social Data"

What traits are you looking for in a US President? Live Online Event with Prof. Shaiko

Join Professor Ron Shaiko on the Dartmouth Facebook page TODAY (October 10, 2011) from 2 - 4 PM as he answers YOUR questions live. 

Watch the video, and "Ask Dartmouth" your thoughts related to the upcoming #econdebate and presidential election cycle.


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