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What Do Six Alumni in Congress Have to Say About their Dartmouth Experience and Public Service?

Today, students from the Public Policy 20 course "Contemporary Issues in American Politics and Public Policy" welcomed Senator Rob Portman ’78 (R-Ohio) for a guest lecture.  Portman is one of six alumni who are current members of the United States Congress.  These alums were recently interviewed by ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper '91 in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of these Dartmouth public servants, we encourage you to review the entire article online or in the print magazine.  Below you can read a few of our favorite quotes that you will find only in the online edition.

We look forward to continuing to bring you exclusive looks into the lives of Dartmouth alumni who are active in politics, civic life, and public policy.  If you have suggestions for us to consider, please let us know in the comment section.

What are NH Voters Thinking About? Dartmouth Students Complete 2011 Rockefeller Center State of the State Poll

Rockefeller Center Completes 4th Annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll on Politics, Economic Issues, and Social Policies.

During the week of April 11-14, 2011, more than three dozen students from The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College conducted the 4th Annual Rockefeller Center State of the State Poll, a telephone survey of registered voters in New Hampshire. Drawn from a statewide data base of New Hampshire registered voters, the sample survey respondents were asked a wide range of questions relating to the current political, economic, and social state of affairs in New Hampshire and the country as a whole. 

Rockefeller Center Direct Line - Spring 2011

I can hardly believe that it was four years ago this Memorial Day that Dartmouth welcomed then-Senator Barack Obama for a visit to campus that drew upwards of 5,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members to the courtyard outside the entrance to the Rockefeller Center.  We may never see a presidential election campaign as wide open as 2008 again in our lifetimes.  It was the first time in many decades that neither party had an incumbent president or vice president in the running.  The 2012 campaign will be more typical, with almost all of the activity expected to be in one of the major political parties, as Republicans use the primary season to nominate a challenger to President Obama. As is always the case, the economy will play an important role.  Economist Ray Fair of Yale has been studying the link between economic conditions and electoral outcomes for decades.  His latest PDF icon

Political Campaign in Your Future? Dartmouth a Top College Pick for Gaining Experience

The recent blog post “10 Best Colleges for Aspiring Presidents” rightly names Dartmouth College and its Nelson A. Rockefeller Center as a great place for undergraduates to gain political experience.  The Center was founded to honor alumnus Nelson A. Rockefeller, who certainly set a good example for politically minded Dartmouth students: after graduating from the College in 1930, he went on to serve as the Governor of New York from 1959 to 1973 and then was selected by President Gerald Ford to serve as Vice President of the United States from 1974 to 1977. 

Possible Presidential Candidate Fred Karger Visits Dartmouth

The Rockefeller  Center and the Dartmouth College Republicans recently welcomed Fred Karger for a talk titled “Where Have All the Moderates Gone?"

Fred Karger, who is seriously considering running for President on the Republican ticket in 2012, spoke about his experiences as a political consultant, as an activist, and finally an openly gay man. He described his experiences in the presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and the recent movement for gay marriage across the nation. In particular, he described the development of a series of advertisements featuring the victims of Willie Horton during the Bush campaign. After that, Karger began to discuss the policies behind his possible presidential campaign as an independent Republican.

Dartmouth Ranks in U.S. Senate Set to Grow After November Elections

Currently, Dartmouth’s sole representative in the United States Senate is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ’88 (D-NY).  Senator Gillibrand is poised to win her special election to the Senate in November, following her appointment to the Senate to fill the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State.  It is likely that at least two Dartmouth alumni and perhaps three will join Gillibrand in the United States Senate next January following the November elections. 

First, former Member of Congress, former Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget and former United States Trade Representative under President George W. Bush, Rob Portman ’78 (R-OH) has a double-digit lead against his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, according to two polls conducted in the past two weeks—Quinnipiac and CNN/Time. Portman also maintains a two-to-one fundraising advantage over Fisher. 


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