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Dartmouth Now's Staff Snapshot: Rockefeller Center Deputy Director Sadhana Hall

This article originally appeared in Dartmouth Now on August 13, 2014. Click here to read it on Dartmouth Now's site.

Sadhana Hall, deputy director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, designs and oversees programs for undergraduate students that focus on leadership, public policy, and civic engagement. She also works with other senior management team members to develop the overall vision and strategic plan for the center.

Rockefeller Center Deputy Director Sadhana Hall. Photo by Malika Khurana.

Job title:
Deputy Director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences.

How long have you been at Dartmouth?
September 1 marks my 10th year at the College.

Spotlight: "Concepts & Connections" Publishes Article on Resilience Cowritten by Deputy Director Sadhana Hall

Deputy Director of the Rockefeller Center Sadhana Hall, Dr. Gama Perruci and Professor Adam Goodman recently co-wrote "Building Resilience through Experiential Education," which was published in Concepts & Connections: A Publication for Leadership Educators.

They wrote how the Leadership Center at Northwestern University, the McDonough Leadership Center at Marietta College and the Rockefeller Center all strive to help students build self-awareness, teamwork skills and become more resilient when faced with adversity.

To view the entire article, as well as the other articles released in the same publication, click here.

Introducing Elizabeth Celtrick, the new Assistant Director of the Rockefeller Center

In her new position as the Assistant Director for Co-Curricular Program at the Rockefeller Center, Elizabeth will support the Center’s mission of enhancing the academic experience of students and their knowledge of the broader community through the planning and programming of leadership and civic skills training, internship opportunities locally and abroad, and student-led discussion groups and workshops. 

“I take real pride in joining this fantastic team of faculty and staff," Elizabeth said. "The programs and opportunities for students at the Center are simply outstanding.” 

Thanh Nguyen becomes Rockefeller’s First Design and Entrepreneurship Officer

At the Rockefeller Center, we educate, train, and inspire the next generation of public policy leaders, and I am thrilled to take on a role that combines social entrepreneurship and human-centered design to further develop our offerings at the Center.

These two promising approaches of social entrepreneurship and human-centered design correspond to our two primary domains of public policy and leadership in exciting ways. Not only do social entrepreneurs embody leadership, these changemakers oftentimes generate the beginnings of innovative and cost-effective public policy solutions to some of our most pressing challenges in our society (or, as Rittel & Webber put it, our “wicked problems”). Similarly, at the core of human-centered design is empathy, and this approach puts the focus of developing products or services on solving real problems for real people.

Introducing Sam Williamson, Rockefeller’s New Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator!

Sam used to compete as a collegiate skier.

Prior to joining the Rockefeller Center, Sam Williamson opted to become a school administrator at an innovative K-12 charter school in Ogden, Utah instead of pursuing a career in international diplomacy. In Ogden, he designed programs to boost core test scores and spearheaded education technology research and development, including designing cutting-edge networks for two new schools and securing a one-to-one ratio of computers to students through donations and grants. Sam also spent two years living in Santiago, Chile volunteering as a Spanish interpreter and designing programs for leadership development in the country’s poorest areas.

Born in Hanover and raised in Hartland, VT, Sam graduated from Skidmore College with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in Studio Art. He enjoys ski racing, flying airplanes and creating and selling commissioned artwork.

RLF Recap: Leadership and the Curse of Natural Resources with Professor Andrew Samwick

To kick off the winter term, the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows had the pleasure of welcoming Professor Samwick to come speak to us about an interesting phenomenon known as the “curse of natural resources.” Prior to the session, the students read over several articles describing this phenomenon in action around the world and learned about how mineral and oil wealth have been historically associated with lower GDP growth and greater inequality. To start the session, Professor Samwick asked us to ponder why such a paradox occurs and how poor leadership contributes to the problem. Among the reasons brought up were corruption, civil society indifference, conflict, and loss of sovereignty, all pertaining to a macro level of understanding the “curse.” Professor Samwick then highlighted key factors that have driven economic growth in countries without the crutch of easy resource exports, which include investment in education, innovation in technology, and the fortification of strong institutions.

Prof. Wheelan Talks About the Government Shutdown

In the wake of the recent government shutdown, Professor Charles Wheelan '88, a senior lecturer and policy fellow at the Rockefeller Center, has been making the media rounds to talk about the policy implications of the latest impasse between Democrats and Republicans. Along with Associate Professor of Government, Russell Muirhead, Prof. Wheelan penned an op-ed in Politico in which he discussed the reasons why Republicans and Democrats were acting the way they were, and ultimately concluded that President Obama could come up with a compromise if he agreed to cap the annual growth in health care spending at the rate of inflation. After the shutdown, Prof. Wheelan appeared on Minnesota Public Radio to talk about how moderates will now have the upper hand in the next round of negotiations. That interview can be heard here.

Rocky Staff Bonds over Ropes Activity.

This past Sunday, over 40 Rockefeller Center Staff took part in a team building exercise at the Odyssey High Ropes Course at Storrs Pond Recreation Center. The Odyssey High Ropes Course is a linear rope course that is designed for a group of eight to complete simultaneously. As such, the course hopes that "participants acting as a group will share a more productive, fun, educational challenge course experience than participants in a traditional ropes course design".

Higher Education’s Social Responsibilities & Its Relations with Society and Business Community: Report from First Annual Summer Palace Forum

The Rockefeller Center is led by talented staff and faculty, whose expertise is often called upon to speak at events large and small.  The Center's Deputy Director, Sadhana Hall, was a featured speaker at a new conference in China during the summer of 2013.  Read on for takeaways and highlights.

On June 29-30, 2013, the University of International Relations’ Center for International Strategy and Security Studies and Marietta College’s China Institute and McDonough Leadership Center co-sponsored the First Annual Summer Palace Forum in Beijing, China. Forum speakers and participants discussed the relationship between higher education, the promotion of social responsibility, and the preparation of students for the workplace. Forum organizers included speakers from Marietta College, Harvard Business School, Princeton University, the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College and leaders of major Chinese enterprises.

Staff Profile: Meet Vincent Mack

Vincent L. Mack is the Program Officer for the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy. Prior to joining the Rockefeller Center's staff, Vincent lived in Germany, working extensively for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, a program partnered through the United Nations and the Department of the State. An avid traveler, he thoroughly enjoys one-on-one conversations, exploring other cultures and places, and has been to nearly 25 countries. His experiences abroad continually inspire him to encourage Dartmouth students to widen their global perspective through leadership and public service.


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