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Notes from the Field: Sarah Colon '17

Sarah Colon ’17 interned at New America during the 2015 fall term with support from the Peter McSpadden Public Affairs Fund.

New America is a nonpartisan think tank that focuses on a range of public policy issues, including international security, technology, asset building, health, gender, energy, education, and the economy. Its goal is to foster innovation, discussion, and implementation of new ideas in a world that is in constant evolution. Specifically, New America’s Health and Medicine Program concentrates on creating policy recommendations that will help better harness new technologies and confront changing health challenges.

As a Health Policy intern, Sarah’s responsibilities included writing blog posts for the website and articles for the Huffington Post, attending and writing summaries of events, updating social media, and drafting grant proposals. Sarah and her fellow interns also worked on a program proposal to expand the reach of New America by identifying and researching the most pressing health issues that the program should address.

Notes from the Field: Hannah Petrone '17

Hannah Petrone '17 interned at the Clinton Global Initiative during 2015 Fall Term as a John French Memorial Fund intern.

The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was started 11 years ago as a means of assisting underprivileged areas around the world and holding global leaders accountable for promises made about their planned contributions to address the problems affecting these areas. To be a member of the organization depends on the development of a "Commitment to Action", which is an original, specific, and measurable charity plan. The staff at CGI organize events year-round to bring together these members, as well as other leaders from all sectors, including NGOs, nonprofits, and government, to both review the status of ongoing Commitments to Action as well as to discuss the most pressing challenges around the world and the most innovative ways to solve them.

Notes from the Field: Rocio Cara Labrador ’15

Rocio Cara Labrador ’15 is the Class of 1971 Named Intern for the 2015-2016 academic year. She interned at the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations during the 2016 winter term.

The delegation, which speaks for and facilitates cooperation among the national delegations of the 28 countries of the European Union, is part of the foreign service of the European Union and works to maintain bilateral and multilateral relations with the other Member States of the UN, as well as tackles pertinent global issues.

As an intern, Cara was given huge responsibilities that she earned from her high experience levels. She primarily wrote speeches and statements, but also composed briefings on topics such as peacekeeping operations--giving her the opportunity to work alongside the chief of staff and head of public diplomacy efforts.

Notes from the Field: Hallie Huffaker '17

Hallie Huffaker '17 interned at the Office of U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, United States Senate during 2015 Fall Term.

The office of US Senator Maria Cantwell works to best serve the constituents of Washington State, particularly in the areas of energy, natural resources and commerce. Senator Cantwell splits her time between hearings, briefings, speaking on the floor, meeting with constituents and interest parties and meeting with her staff.

As an intern, Hallie's specific responsiblities were to assist the office and the staffers. She answered constituents calls, and sorted and categorized mail to assign it to the correct staffer. She also assisted various staffers with policy research or letter writing and primarily worked with the staffer concerned with issues of education and the judiciary, which involves keeping up with current events, researching various bills to create or cosponsor and putting together memos. Interns were also in charge of giving guided capitol tours to constituents, and explaining to visitors how the Senate operates.

Rockefeller Center Intern Sarah Colon '17 quoted in Huffington Post Opinion Piece

  Rockefeller named Intern Sarah Colon ’17 at the New America Foundation was quoted in an opinion piece in the Huffington Post on October 8, 2015 reporting on obesity research.   


“Consider this: While 15.3 million children live in food-insecure households, one-third of all American children are obese or overweight,” says Sarah Colon ’17 and former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General Susan Blumenthal.

Sarah’s fall internship at the New America in Washington, D.C. is being sponsored by a grant from the McSpadden Public Affairs Fund through the Rockefeller Internships Program.

The full article can be found here:


Notes from the Field: Robert Muttilainen '16

Student Intern: Robert Muttilainen '16

Internship Organization: 
American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire

How would you describe your employer in one paragraph? What’s the elevator pitch?
The ACLU of New Hampshire fights to protect civil liberties guaranteed in the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions. Through civil rights advocacy, education, lobbying, and litigation, the ACLU-NH works to protect freedom and equality for all residents of New Hampshire. The ACLU-NH is a non-profit, non-partisan affiliate organization of the National ACLU, which is comprised of over 500,000 members.

What are your specific responsibilities in the organization?

Notes from the Field: Axel Hufford '16

Student Intern: Axel Hufford '16

Internship Organization: 
U.S. Department of Justice, Office of International Affair

How would you describe your employer in one paragraph? What’s the elevator pitch?
The Office of International Affairs at the Department of Justice acts as a liaison and gatekeeper between the U.S. government and any international Ministry of Justice. In particular, it maintains all bilateral treaties between the U.S. and other states regarding mutual legal assistance and extradition, and it is the chief organizing body in the U.S. for all international legal coordination within criminal law.

What are your specific responsibilities in the organization?

Notes from the Field: Jase Davis '18

Student Intern: Jase Davis '18

Internship Organization: 
Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-02)

In your own words, briefly describe your internship organization and what they do.
As an intern at Congressman Scott Rigell's office, we offer constituent services to the people that reach out to us while making sure the legislative staff is fully prepared to do their jobs.

What is your specific role or major project as an intern?
At Congressman Rigell's office, we are committed to faithfully representing the people of Virginia's second district. My part has been to answer constituent calls and emails, but I have also been involved in doing research for our legislative team. I have fact checked videos, researched court cases, and created graphs for the congressman. I have also gotten very involved with helping the communications director draft tweets and Facebook posts.

How did you feel on the first day of your internship?

Notes from the Field: Henry Gardner '18

Student Intern: Henry Gardner '18

Internship Organization: 
The Arc

How would you describe your employer in one paragraph? What’s the elevator pitch?
The Arc is a non-profit organization that promotes the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the country.

What are your specific responsibilities in the organization?
I interned with the Center for Future Planning project team which has been working on creating a Professional Services Directory (PSD) website which connects people seeking information on long term care and services to providers of these servides (special needs lawyers, healthcare professionals, etc.). As an intern, I am tasked with combing through journals and dissertations to find research that accentuates the need for such a program and to put what I find in short reports for grant proposals.

How did you feel on the first day of your internship?

Notes from the Field: Gabriela Urias '16



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