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Chair of the Rockefeller Board of Visitors Curt Welling D '71, T '77 Joins the Tuck School of Business

This afternoon, Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business announced that former AmeriCares president and CEO Curt Welling D '71, T '77 join Tuck's Center for Global Business & Government and the Center for Business & Society as a senior fellow. Welling assumed the joint appointments on the first of the year following his 11-year tenure at the non-profit global health and disaster organization.

Welling has maintained several ties to Dartmouth, including serving as the Chair of the Rockefeller Center's Board of Visitors. He also facilitates a session on "How We Process and Make Decisions" for the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows.

John Howard '15 Shares His @KellyAyotte Internship Experiences with Dartmouth

John Howard '15, a Perkins Bass named intern funded by the Rockefeller Center, recently worked in Washington, D.C. for US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).  A history major, John shares his internship experiences with Dartmouth College.

Check out his video:

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Happy Birthday Nelson A. Rockefeller! Rocky's Strong Dartmouth Ties

This week commemorates Nelson A. Rockefeller's birthday.  Born on July 8, 1908, Nelson A. Rockfeller committed his life to public service.  The Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College was founded in 1983 to commemorate the contributions of Nelson A. Rockefeller '30 to the life of the nation.

After working in business and government, Nelson A. Rockefeller '30 was elected governor of New York, serving for four terms.

Throughout his entire life and career, he especially relied on his Dartmouth peers for trusted advice as his inner circle.  You can read more about Nelson Rockefeller's Dartmouth alumni ties here in a recent Dartmouth Alumni Magazine article.

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Shaiko Opinion Piece About Diversity Published in Recent Chronicle of Higher Education

In his Chronicle of Higher Education opinion piece, Ronald Shaiko, senior fellow and the associate director for curricular and research programs at The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, says that in order to create diverse campus communities, colleges and universities must do more than accept diverse classes of incoming students each year.

Read the full opinion piece online.

Recent Media Mentions of the Rockefeller Center's 2013 NH State of the State Poll

The Rockefeller's recently released 2013 New Hampshire State of the State poll is named in the following list of media mentions:

Professor Charles Wheelan '88's New Book, "The Centrist Manifesto"; Media Mentions

A senior lecturer and policy fellow here at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, Professor Charles Wheelan '88 has recently published a new book, called The Centrist Manifesto.

MLDP Alum Celeste Winston '14 Named a 2013 Beinecke Scholar

A Geography major, Celeste Winston ’14 has been named one of 20 Beinecke Scholars for 2013.  According to the article in Dartmouth Now, she will receive support from the Beinecke Foundation to pursue a PhD in the subject. Established in 1971, the Beinecke Foundation provides $34,000 of support to exceptional students for graduate studies in the fields of the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Committed to the field of social justice, Winston has held various leadership roles on campus as well as participated in several Rockefeller Center programs.  She has participated in the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program in preparation for Geography Foreign Study Program in Prague, as well as the Management and Leadership Development Program here at the Rockefeller Center. Winston is also an executive member of the Dartmouth Afro-American Society.

Recent Media Mentions for Center's Policy Research Shop

The Rockefeller Center's Policy Research Shop has made recent headlines. Check out the following articles and reports about Dartmouth students' involvement in PRS and their most recent projects!   >>Dartmouth Now: Policy Research Shop Hits 100th Brief, Keeps on Going

"Even as control of the New Hampshire Statehouse has shifted between Democrats and Republicans, the work of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop (PRS) has remained a welcome source of thorough, non-partisan research for lawmakers on both sides of the aisle." 

>>New America Foundation: Pivot to Iceland Podcast

Rocky Media Mentions in The Dartmouth - Winter 2013

Just in case you missed them, here's a compiled list of media mentions related to The Rockefeller Center from the Dartmouth.  We've listed mentions of the Center itself, our programs & events, staff, students, alums, and faculty affiliated with the Center.
If you know of an article or link that we've missed, please leave a comment and we will update.

>>Verbum Ultimum: Advancing Study Abroad (3/1/13)

>>Rocky Course to include international trip (2/27/13)

>>Kymlicka discusses animal citizenship(2/6/13)

>>Former Gov. Lynch talks bipartisanship (1/30/13)
>>Judd Gregg promotes entitlement reform deal (1/29/13)

Round up of Recent Rocky Media Mentions

How updated are you about Rocky in the media? If you've felt out of the loop lately, here is your recap of recent Rocky media mentions:

Alum Michael Belinsky '08 featured in the Economist
>>During his time at Dartmouth, Michael Belinsky was involved in a number of Rocky programs including RLF and the 2007 Democratic Presidential Debate.  He has also given back to undergrads as a MLDP speaker.


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