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Lessons in Leadership and “Ideas Worth Spreading”

TEDxDartmouth organized its first annual independently organized TED event. Arvind Suresh ‘19​ shares his organizing the conference. 

Growing up, watching TED talks inspired me and gave me the courage and bravery to think big, break the rules, and broaden my knowledge. When I first learned about the TEDx university program, I therefore felt strongly about organizing a TEDx event at Dartmouth as a way of bringing the liberal arts curriculum to life. Planning this event allowed me to delve deeper into subject areas I would not have previously considered ranging from how we define greatness in education to fashion design inspired by marine life to how networking has changed in the digital age. The success of any TEDx event is derived from the interplay of ideas as they bounce between the speakers and the audience, with everyone feeling like they have learned something new by the end of the day. It is this passion for sharing knowledge and “food for thought” that made organizing this event a fulfilling experience for all members of our organizing team.

Arthur Benjamin Adapon​ '19 Presents His Research

Arthur Benjamin Adapon​ '19 shares his experience attending the American Association of Geographers Conference. 

This was my first time attending a conference in the discipline that I eventually I want to study through graduate school. The American Association of Geographers is the largest conference for geography in the world - so it was overwhelming at first for me to see and listen to so many people that spoke the lexicon that I learned in the Geography Department here at Dartmouth. It was exciting and intimidating: Eventually intending to pursue a PhD, I told myself that this was my way of exposing myself to key people in the discipline as well as exploring beyond the confines of my current research areas.

The Ledyard Canoe Club Organizes the Dartmouth Explorers Symposium

The Ledyard Canoe Club organized the second-ever Dartmouth Explorers Symposium which explored themes of adventure and leadership though tales of expeditions and races across decades. Hannah Rubin '20 shares her experience at the symposium. 

The weekend started with a tour of a display of historical artifacts and documents in the Rauner Archives followed by talk by James Zug ’91, author of American Traveler: The Life and Adventures of John Ledyard, the Man Who Dreamed of Walking the World​.

The Rauner display was curated by Jaime Eeg ’18 and included a room where attendees could handle documents and flip through the pages of old journals and notes. It was a very neat experience to be able to hold postcards sent to Ledyard from all over the world and read the minutes of the first meeting. Following that was Conservation on Tap, which included the premier screening of a new conservation-oriented film by the filmmaker Ben Masters. Events on Saturday began with the Mascoma River Slalom Race, the oldest consecutively run whitewater slalom competition in the country.

The Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club at the First Annual Ivy Space Conference

The Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club helped organize the First Annual Ivy Space Conference that took place on April 7th at Yale University. Henry Burns​ '19 shares his experience attending the conference alongside 20 other Dartmouth students. 

The conference featured a full day of guest speakers from many different sectors of the aerospace industry. The keynote speaker was Dr. Fuk Li from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory who discussed the Mars 2020 mission which will send a new rover to research the planet and search for signs of life. We heard from many other notable industry leaders from both the private and public sector. These included Dr. Jonathan Arenberg, the program manager and chief engineer respectively of the James Webb Space Telescope. The JWST will launch in 2020 and is designed to help answer many important questions about our universe; it will be able to observe light from the beginning of time and search for distant exoplanets that may have atmospheres suitable for life.

Todd Huang '19 Attends the Association for Asian American Studies Conference

Todd Huang '19 shares his experience after attending the Association for Asian American Studies Conference in San Francisco.

I was able to interact with academics from across the nation specializing in work that can be described as Asian Americanist. I was exposed to a wide variety of disciplines within the broad field of Asian American studies; academics specialized in cultural studies, literature, film studies, sociology, geography, political science, and history using theories like feminist theory, queer theory, disability theory, postcolonial theory, Marxist theory among others.

Asian American studies is a fundamentally interdisciplinary field that investigates anything from the construction of the human to immigration policy using an Asian American lens. The topic being studied is investigated using the Asian American as an intellectual framework. This conference allowed me to be exposed to the robustness of this framework, where scholars from the United States and Canada came together to showcase their research and learn from their peers.

Serena Zhu '19 Conquers Her Fear of Public Speaking and Presents Her Work As a UGA

Serena Zhu '19 shares her experience after attending the Annual NASPA Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This past Winter term, I had the extreme pleasure of presenting my work as an Undergraduate Advisor (UGA) for the Thought Project Living Learning Community at the 100th year anniversary of the Annual NASPA Conference. (The Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education was previously known as the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.) This opportunity was made possible, in part, through generous funding from the Rockefeller Center. My experience at the conference was immensely beneficial to my personal growth as an individual because it provided me the opportunity to conquer my fear of public speaking.

Rik Abels '21 Attends the 2018 Winter United Nations Youth Assembly

Rik Abels '21 shares his experience after attending the 2018 Winter Youth Assembly at the United Nations Headquaters in New York.

This was an incredible experience that not only gave me an incredible look into the United Nations’ efforts to combat our world’s biggest problems, but also allowed me to meet incredible people from almost a hundred countries all around the world.

The Dynamic Women in Business conference at Harvard Business School

Cindy Li '18, attended the Dynamic Women in Business conference at Harvard Business School, and shares her experience here. 

The Dynamic Women in Business conference at Harvard Business School was an empowering experience. My friend Briana Tang '19 and I were lucky enough to have received funding from Rocky and the Division of Student Affairs in order to attend this year’s conference. As a senior at Dartmouth with plans to go into management consulting in San Francisco next year, I hoped to learn more about different career paths for women in business.

The conference was a one-day event. I attended three keynote speeches and several amazing panels led by women from various walks of life that all lead tremendous careers. Each session was short, but powerful – leaving me with the eagerness to learn more and room to investigate further.

The first keynote speaker was Alison Wagonfeld, VP Marketing & CMO of Google Cloud. She talked about the blessings of having a non-linear career path, in which she was able to gain invaluable experience from the different roles she’s held – in marketing, technology, education, and as a mother.

Dartmouth's Chapter of GlobeMed Hosts Its 6th Annual Benefit Dinner

Lauren Mitchell '18 shares her passion for exploring health inquity by sharing her experience organizing GlobeMed’s 6th Annual Benefit Dinner.

UN Youth Assembly on Innovation and Collaboration

Colleen O'Connor '19, attended the 2018 United Nations Youth Assembly on Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future, and shares her experience here. 

The 2018 United Nations Youth Assembly on Innovation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future allowed me to engage with student delegates from over 100 countries who all share one common interest: to make the world a better place. The three-day conference, held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, welcomed students and esteemed guests for a whirlwind weekend of workshops, panels, keynote speeches, and networking.


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