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Spotlight Film Screening and Q&A with Boston Globe Journalists

Religion can be an important aspect of an individual’s identity, yet across the span of space and time, religions of all kinds have come bearing not just ideology but also their fair share of controversy. One religious institution that has come under such public scrutiny in recent years is the Catholic Church, especially after numerous Catholic priests in Boston were notoriously implicated in a huge scandal involving the sexual abuse of minors. This initial investigation then opened the floodgates as thousands of other instances of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church not only in the United States but also throughout the world came to the fore, revealing a long and disturbing trend of sexual abuse and cover-up in the Catholic church. Pedophilia and sexual abuse are far from new concepts, but this case finally brought these issues under the magnifying lenses, importantly in the context of religious institutions.

Inspiring Stories from Women in Leadership

Women in contemporary American society have seen more opportunities than ever for meaningful leadership roles in the workplace. As increasing numbers of women become CEOs, professors, and even presidential candidates, it seems that few societal barriers remain to prevent women from professional advancement. Yet it remains an open question if women receive treatment truly equal to men within a workplace environment. Is the day-to-day experience at work really equivalent for the genders?

Four women in leadership roles spoke to these questions in a panel discussion at the Rockefeller Center titled “Inspiring Stories from Women in Leadership.” The panel featured female leaders representing a variety of sectors within today’s professional world. The panelists shared their personal experiences, challenges, successes and insights about the realities of professional women in contemporary society.

The panel included the following women leaders:

Rockefeller Center’s Perkins Bass Distinguished Visitor, Terie Norelli, Visits PBPL 45 Class

Terie Norelli, the Perkins Bass Distinguished Visitor, discusses her work as Speaker of the New Hampshire House.

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, Terie Norelli, former Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and President and CEO of the New Hampshire Women’s Foundation, spoke in Professor Shaiko’s PBPL 45: Introduction to Public Policy Research class. This was her first event at the Rockefeller Center as the Perkins Bass Distinguished Visitor. During her visit, Norelli commented on the large size of New Hampshire’s legislature and the unique atmosphere of this state legislature in recent years. She emphasized that recently, women have had a large role in state politics in New Hampshire and have had the ability to redirect the focus of the legislature to address women’s issues that had not previously been the focus of the NH policy agenda. Furthermore, she explained that the small district sizes in New Hampshire make the state legislative environment more hospitable to female candidates.

Public Program: Q&A with Henry Chu, London Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times

Before the Bernard D. Nossiter '47 Lecture, "Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Europe in Crisis," with Henry Chu on Monday, May 11, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Henry Chu for an interview.

The London Bureau Chief for the Los Angeles Times, Henry Chu has traveled all over the world, reporting from various countries about unique stories of the human condition. He has reported from more than 30 countries for the Los Angeles Times alone and has covered Europe since 2008. In addition to London, he has also been posted in Beijing, Rio de Janeiro, and New Delhi. Having received his B.A. from Harvard University, Chu returned to his alma mater 25 years later as a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism.



Los Angeles Times London Bureau Chief Henry Chu speaks on the future of the European Union. Photo by Abigail Chen '17.

Courtney Wong (CW): After having been to so many countries, do you have a favorite place to travel?

Public Program: Q&A with Professor Heather Gerken

Before her Law Day Lecture, "Dark Money and Shadow Parties: The Real Problem in Campaign Finance" with Heather K. Gerken on Thursday, April 30, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Heather Gerken for an interview.

This year’s celebration of Law Day at Dartmouth focused on the relationship between corporate spending and American politics, and how the Citizens United ruling has led to concerns about "dark money." Heather Gerken, a professor at Yale Law School who specializes in election law and constitutional law, delivered a public talk on the theme of money in politics, examining how the constitutional constraints on campaign finance have affected reform efforts.

Public Program: Q&A with Professor Steven Kaplan

Before the Portman Lecture in the Spirit of Entrepreneurship, "Are CEOs Overpaid?" on April 14, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Professor Steven N. Kaplan for an interview.

The Neubauer Family Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Steven N. Kaplan is one of the world’s top researchers on private equity, venture capital, corporate governance, executive talent, and income inequality. Professor Kaplan is also the faculty director of Booth’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and he teaches advanced MBA, law and executive courses in entrepreneurial finance, private equity, corporate finance, corporate governance, and wealth management. In addition, he co-founded the entrepreneurship program at Booth, which has successfully spawned more than 100 companies, including GrubHub and Braintree.

John Howard '15 Shares His @KellyAyotte Internship Experiences with Dartmouth

John Howard '15, a Perkins Bass named intern funded by the Rockefeller Center, recently worked in Washington, D.C. for US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).  A history major, John shares his internship experiences with Dartmouth College.

Check out his video:

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Q&A with Former NH Governor John Lynch

Governor Lynch was elected in 2005 as the 80th Governor of New Hampshire; he served in this role for four consecutive terms until 2012. Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire was named the “Most Livable State” in the nation, as well as the “Safest State” for three years in a row.

Governor John Lynch Presents: “The State of State Government: Lessons from Concord,” at Rockefeller 003 at 4:30 pm on January 29, 2013


NH Native John Howard '15 Named Perkins Bass Intern for Winter 2013

The Rockefeller Center is pleased to announce our first Perkins Bass Named Intern, John Howard ’15. Financial support for this public policy internship is provided by the Perkins Bass 1934 Fund. Perkins Bass was a member of the Dartmouth College Class of 1934, and was a key New Hampshire public figure - active in both NH and US politics.



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