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Center Provides Support for Recent Campus Events with Brent Wilkes '88

The Rockefeller Center provides support to a limited number of events that Dartmouth student organizations host.  A recent campus visit from Brent Wilkes '88 allowed an opportunity for two student groups to hold relevant events to take advantage of the speaker's expertise.  Below you will find summaries of both events, written by students representing those campus organizations. 

New Hampshire Budget Panel at Dartmouth - October 5, 2010 at 4:30 PM

Please join The Rockefeller Center and the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition at the upcoming New Hampshire Budget Panel.  The Panel, “Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is: New Hampshire's Priorities and Budget”, will take place on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 4:30 PM in 3 Rockefeller Center, on the Dartmouth campus in Hanover, NH.
The panel moderator, Richard Winters, is the Remsen Professor of Government at Dartmouth College.  Panelists will include:

Rockefeller Center Direct Line - Fall 2010

When he campaigned for President, Barack Obama used a slogan, “Change We Can Believe In,” which also served as the title of the book he published before the election outlining his plan for America.  Change in our public policies is very gradual, sometimes frustratingly so, but the promise of change by candidates and demands for change by voters figure prominently in most of our elections.  This year’s midterm elections are no exception.

Dartmouth Ranks in U.S. Senate Set to Grow After November Elections

Currently, Dartmouth’s sole representative in the United States Senate is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ’88 (D-NY).  Senator Gillibrand is poised to win her special election to the Senate in November, following her appointment to the Senate to fill the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, now Secretary of State.  It is likely that at least two Dartmouth alumni and perhaps three will join Gillibrand in the United States Senate next January following the November elections. 

First, former Member of Congress, former Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget and former United States Trade Representative under President George W. Bush, Rob Portman ’78 (R-OH) has a double-digit lead against his Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher, according to two polls conducted in the past two weeks—Quinnipiac and CNN/Time. Portman also maintains a two-to-one fundraising advantage over Fisher. 


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