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PRS Testimonies

Policy Research Shop Testimony: January 31, 2011

PRS Students Testify Before the Vermont Child Poverty Council

Three Dartmouth undergraduates from the Policy Research Shop of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center provided formal testimony to members of the Vermont Child Poverty Council on January 31, 2011 at the State Capitol Building in Montpelier, Vermont. Eric Yang ’14, Austin Major ’14, and Jae Hyuk Chang ’11 presented the findings of their research, which evaluated the accessibility of data necessary to track a series of benchmarks created by the Council. The resulting policy report, “Tracking Child Poverty in Vermont: An Evaluation of the Vermont Child Poverty Council Benchmarks,” includes a guide for finding available data on each of the Council’s benchmarks, as well as suggestions for improving data collection in the future.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: September 9, 2010

Poverty in Vermont: Reduction and Profiles

On September 9, 2010, Travis Blalock ’12 of the Policy Research Shop (PRS) gave testimony before the Vermont Child Poverty Council at the State House in Montpelier, VT. The Council, chaired by Rep. Ann Pugh and Sen. Douglas Racine, is a working group composed of legislators, non profit leaders, and representatives from executive agencies who deal with child poverty issues in Vermont. Travis’s presentation was part of the report by the Families in Deep Poverty Working Group of the Council, headed by Legislative Counsel Robin Lunge. Travis’s presentation outlined the characteristics of the deep poverty population in Vermont compared to the nation as a whole, and highlighted some of the challenges posed by its different characteristics.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: June 7, 2010

Self Representation in NH Courts Testimony

On June 7th, PRS students Allyson Bennett ’10 and Anya Perret ’11 met with personnel from the New Hampshire State Court system to present their findings regarding the resources that the system provides to the large fraction of litigants who choose to represent themselves in civil cases. Specifically, the students shared the results of an extensive experiment they conducted in which participants helped evaluate the Judicial Branch’s brand new website. The unique and original data the team collected show how well a user can find the important information which will help him/her navigate the legal system and how well the new New Hampshire site compares with Maricopa County, Arizona’s.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 24, 2010

One Voice: Policy Research Shop Students Host New Hampshire/Vermont Conference on Homelessness at the Rockefeller Center

Four Dartmouth students working in the Policy Research Shop convened a day-long conference, “One Voice: A Conference and Discussion on Homeless Shelters in New Hampshire and Vermont,” for more than two dozen homeless shelter executive directors and state officials from New Hampshire and Vermont on Monday, May 24, 2010. The PRS students—Margaret Goldstein ’10, Nickolas Barber ’10, Kelsey Clark ’11 and Nina Brekelmans ’12—shared their analysis of the ways in which homeless shelters care for their guests in New Hampshire and Vermont based on the research they had conducted during the previous six months and helped craft guidelines for coordination and best practices among homeless shelters. 

Policy Research Shop Testimony: April 26, 2010

Driving While Intoxicated Testimony

On April 26th, 2010, a team of students from the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop testified before the New Hampshire DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) Commission. The Commission, chaired by Representative William Butynski, is comprised of representatives from New Hampshire's Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. The PRS students, Alicia Modeen ’10, Elisabeth Ericson ’11, and Brian Freeman ’11, presented their findings about options for structuring programs and processes for repeat DWI offenders. The students collected and analyzed information about other states’ policies and the latest peer reviewed research concerning screening, assessment, punishment, treatment, and new technology to reduce recidivism.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: March 16, 2010

Gambling Testimony

On March 16, 2010, three Dartmouth student researchers in the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop—Anya Perret ’11, David Lumbert ’12, and Boyd Lever ’10—presented their findings on the social costs of gambling in formal testimony before the New Hampshire Gaming Study Commission in Concord. The 15-member Commission was created by Governor John Lynch to investigate the costs and benefits of expanding gambling in New Hampshire to include casino gambling. The students were commended on the breadth and detail of their report by commission members.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: March 4, 2010

State Park Funding Testimony

On March 4, 2010, Christopher Whitehead ’12, Daniel Van Deusen ’11, and Travis Blalock ’12 of the Rockefeller Center’s Policy Research Shop made a presentation in Concord to legislators from three committees of the NH House of Representatives as well as to officials from the Department of Resources and Economic Development. The students presented their findings to more than 30 members of the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, the Resources, Recreation, and Development Committee, and the Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee, including all three committee chairs.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: February 2, 2010

Biomass Boiler Testimony

On February 2, 2010, three Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop students, Brendan McVeigh ’10, Elizabeth Mitchell ’10, and Ian Rorick ’10 testified in Concord before the New Hampshire House Executive Departments and Administration Committee, chaired by Rep. Anne-Marie Irwin and the Science, Technology and Energy Committee, chaired by Rep. Naida Kaen. The joint session served as a review of House Bill 1688 which proposes change to state regulations regarding the installation and operation of boilers and pressure vessels in New Hampshire. The bill considers altering state regulation to allow European biomass boilers to enter the New Hampshire market.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: January 12, 2010

Third Party Ballot Access Testimony

On January 12, 2010, two Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop students, Jeremy Kaufmann ’12 and William Hix ’12, testified in Concord before the New Hampshire House Committee on Election Law, chaired by Rep. Jane Clemons, on a proposed third party ballot access bill. Jeremy and Will provided written testimony in the form of a policy brief, made a ten-minute Powerpoint presentation to the members of the committee, and responded to questions from committee members. Their presentation was preceded by testimony from NH Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan, Rich Tomasso, Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, as well as representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union and other organizations.

Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 18, 2009

Testifying before the Interbranch Criminal and Juvenile Justice Council in Concord

On Monday, May 18th, three Policy Research Shop students, Schuyler Evans, Christopher Zablocki, and Kahlie Dufresne testified before the Interbranch Criminal and Juvenile Justice Council (ICJJC) in Concord, New Hampshire. The ICJJC is chaired by John T. Broderick, Jr., Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. The testimony provided research results and policy recommendations on the students’ report entitled, “Improving Coordination of the County Jails and State Prisons to Meet Mental Health and Substance Abuse Challenges.”

Chief Justice Broderick and Commissioner William Wrenn, Department of Corrections, welcomed the students to the Council and thanked them for their work. This experience provided the students with an invaluable opportunity to hear directly from state officials who are working on one of the most pressing challenges of our time.


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