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PBPL 85 Global Policy Leadership Participant Heather Szilagyi '15

This post is part of a series on the Global Policy Leadership Practicum through PBPL 85. Students reflect on their experiences as part the travel abroad portion of the course to Northern Ireland during the winter break.

The Global Policy Leadership Practicum touched down in London after a long day of travel on December 3, 2014. We are tasked with producing a policy “white paper” outlining lessons learned from the Northern Ireland peace process that could be applied to other seemingly intractable conflicts around the world, but this prodigious assignment did not stop us from taking advantage of our time in London. We mingled with native Londoners, including our fellow classmate, at Borough Market and a local comedy club, then met more than our fair share of tourists at the London Eye and busy Christmas Markets.

Our most unique introduction to London, however, was the generous, amazing dinner we enjoyed with Dartmouth alumni at the home of John Scott '88.



PBPL 85: Global Policy Leadership Travels to Northern Ireland

This post is part of a series on the Global Policy Leadership Practicum through PBPL 85. Students reflect on their experiences as part the travel abroad portion of the course to Northern Ireland during the winter break.

Public Policy 85, Global Policy Leadership Practicum, is a course that combines experiential learning and public policy, creating a unique and interactive learning environment for students. The course serves as a tool for connecting a select group of Dartmouth students to real-world international policy experience. Twelve rising juniors and seniors who have demonstrated keen interest in public policy while at Dartmouth are selected each year for participation in the course. Taught by renowned Senior Lecturer and Policy Fellow, Charles Wheelan '88, each year the course addresses a different international public policy debate. The unique aspect of the course is that it takes learning beyond the classroom and textbook by traveling to the country of study during winter break.



Course Opportunity for 15W: PBPL 5: Introduction to Public Policy

This Winter Term, the Rockefeller Center offers its gateway to the Public Policy minor.
PBPL 5: Introduction to Public Policywith Professor Ronald Shaiko (10 Hour)

This course is designed as the gateway offering for students beginning to pursue a minor in public policy through the Rockefeller Center. The term will be divided into four main components:

  • The Nature of Public Policy: What is Public Policy, Who Makes It, and Why Study It?
  • Making Public Policy: The Process, Structure, and Context of Policymaking
  • The Policy Players: Institutional and Non-Institutional Actors
  • The Policy Game: Rules, Strategies, Culture, and Resources

In the concluding section of the course, we will be pursuing specific policy domains—environmental policy, education policy, health care policy, welfare policy, immigration policy, and defense policy. 
Dist: SOC; WCult: W.

Rockefeller Center Director Andrew Samwick - The Leadership Implications of 'Too Big to Fail'

Rockefeller Center Director Andrew Samwick was featured recently in an opinion piece in The New York Times. In the piece, Director Samwick discusses the leadership implications of the phrase "too big to fail.

Read the full article at the following link:

Rockefeller Center Director Andrew Samwick

Director Samwick recently completed twenty years of teaching at Dartmouth and ten years of leading the Rockefeller Center. Under his guidance, the Rockefeller Center has witnessed the growth of its curricular and co-curricular programs and renewed its commitment to Dartmouth's mission to educate the most promising students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and responsible leadership.

PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship is now Cross-Listed with the Economics Department!

The Rockefeller Center’s new course “PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship” is now cross-listed with ECON 77. Taught by Professor and Director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center Andrew Samwick, this course will use the context of 50th anniversary of the declaration on the “War on Poverty” to investigate the nature and causes of poverty, both domestically and abroad, and the emergence of social entrepreneurship to address this issue. This course will also have a strong experiential component where students will work in small groups to identify and develop ideas for their own social ventures.

The course change period for the summer term is now open (May 8-29) and students are encouraged to consider PBPL 43/ECON 77. As a cross-listed course, this will also count towards the ECON major or minor.

Shoshana Silverstein '15 Earns Truman Scholarship

President Phil Hanlon ’77 congratulates Shoshana Silverstein ’15
on winning a 2014 Truman Scholarship. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

On Apr. 17, Dartmouth Now announced Shoshana Silverstein '17 was chosen as a 2014 Harry S. Truman Scholar. Shoshana is one of 59 college students to be awarded the Truman Scholarship, which provides up to $30,000 to pursue graduate studies in public service fields as well as assistance with career counseling, internship placement, graduate school admissions and professional development.

President Phil Hanlon ’77 met with Shoshana to congratulate her, telling her how thrilling it is for a Dartmouth student to win the prestigious scholarship.

“I am incredibly honored,” Shoshana said in an interview with the Dartmouth Now. “When I was first doing the Truman application, I had the great opportunity to reflect and think about what I have done and what I want to do.”

A government major and public policy minor, Shoshana's goals include a four-year joint law degree and masters in public policy after Dartmouth.

Prepare Your D-Plan Accordingly - Rocky Course Options in 14X and 14F

Summer 2014 

PBPL 40 “Economics of Public Policymaking,” Professor Charles Wheelan, 10A

The course will use the basic tools of economics to analyze the most significant current public policy issues in the United States. Given the time constraints of the course, we will focus on the issues that the current presidential administration is likely to confront. The goal is to understand both the substance and politics of each issue. We will examine the effects of recent policy changes and analyze the likely effects of prospective reforms, particularly those that are likely to be debated in the political arena in the near future.

PBPL 43 “Social Entrepreneurship," Professor Andrew Samwick, 2A

Students from the Policy Research Shop Present Their Report on Fossil Fuel Divestment

On Thursday, February 27th, three Policy Research Shop (PRS) students traveled to Montpelier, VT to deliver a formal testimony regarding their findings. Sean Connolly ’16, Katie Schultz ’16 and Nick Shallow ’16 testified before the Vermont Senate Government Operations Committee. The group was invited to present by Senator Anthony Pollina, who contacted the Rockefeller Center’s PRS to request a study related to Vermont State Bill S.131. The Senate Bill proposes “that the Vermont Pension Investment Committee divest from companies that extract, produce, or refine fossil fuels.” 

The Rockefeller Center Launches New Social Entrepreneurship Course!

The Rockefeller Center is launching a new course starting this summer!

Listed as Public Policy 43, the course will provide an introduction to the theory and practice of social entrepreneurship, defined generally as the process of finding innovative, sustainable solutions to social problems and, more specifically for this course, social problems that are a cause or consequence of poverty. 

PBPL 43 has three objectives:

Apply by March 3rd for a Fellowship with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress!

Each year, the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center works with the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress in Washington, D.C. to enable one student from Dartmouth to participate in a unique fellowship program from the Dartmouth campus, as well as through attending two separate conferencesin Washington, D.C. Their goal is to develop a new generation of national leaders committed to public service.

The program offers 85 select undergraduates and graduate students from leading colleges and universities a unique opportunity to study the U.S Presidency, the public policymaking process, and our Chief Executive's relations with Congress, allies, the media, and the American public, through on-campus research and off-campus conference participation.

At these two conferences, the Fellows have the opportunity to discuss national issues with presidential scholars and White House Fellows, are briefed by senior government officials and nationally recognized policy experts, and prepare and present an original research paper. Fellows write this research paper over the course of the winter, working with a faculty member and an identified expert in the field.


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