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Q&A with David Cobb, Spokesperson for Move to Amend

David Cobb, the National Projects Director of Democracy Unlimited, has spearheaded a movement against corporate polluters in order to affect necessary systemic social change. A member of the board of directors of Move to Amend, trial lawyer and former presidential candidate for the Green Party, David Cobb has devoted himself to full time political activism. Since then, he has sued corporate polluters, lobbied elected officials and has been arrested for non-violent civil disobedience. He encourages American citizens to join together to prevent corporate personhood and the social injustices associated with it.

Before presenting his talk, “Creating Democracy and Challenging Corporate Rule,” Courtney Wong ’15 sat down with David Cobb for a brief interview.

Courtney Wong (CW): What inspired you to become interested in political activism?

Q&A with Henrik Scheel, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Startup Experience

Henrik Scheel, the founder of the Startup Experience Inc., seeks to instill a sense of responsibility in people to improve the broader world through entrepreneurship. Scheel believes that design thinking is valuable tool in finding and/or creating opportunities that can improve social well-being through human-centered business solutions. Henrik Scheel is a Danish serial entrepreneur currently living in San Francisco where he focuses on startup projects in entrepreneurship education and telecom.  After working in innovation management, he moved to Silicon Valley where he founded Startup Experience Inc. Through Startup Experience he has formed partnerships with governments, NGOs and corporate non-profits in 15+ countries and is striving to transform entrepreneurship education in today’s school system.

Q&A with Talent Development Expert Jane Hyun (@JaneHyun)

Jane Hyun, author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling and Founder and President of Hyun & Associates, is an executive coach and leadership strategist to Fortune 500 companies, schools, and professional associations. She is continually sought after for her expertise in the area of talent management of women and multicultural professionals. Opening up a critical dialogue for the need for a culturally grounded talent development approach in organizations, she has a passion for helping individuals realize their fullest potential in the workplace, community, and marketplace.

Before presenting her talk, "Leveraging Difference for Business Impact”, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Jane Hyun for a brief interview.

Nina Brekelmans '12 Receives Boren Fellowship for Language Studies, Gives Advice to Graduating Seniors

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center alum Nina Brekelmans '12 was recently awarded a Boren Fellowship.  The Boren Fellowship provides up to $30,000 for a year of language training abroad.  Accepting the Fellowship commits Nina to at least one year of work for the federal government in the area of national security. 

Courtney Wong '15, a Student Assistant at the Rockefeller Center, spoke with Nina about some of her thoughts and experiences about life after Dartmouth. 

Courtney Wong (CW): How did Dartmouth prepare you for life after graduation? What are some of the skills that you find valuable today?

Interview with Brandon DeBot '14 on Being Named a Truman Scholar

The Rockefeller Center’s own Brandon DeBot ’14 was recently chosen as a 2013 Truman Scholar. An aspiring Government major with a minor in Public Policy, Brandon hopes to one day pursue a career in federal fiscal policy.  A former First Year Fellow, Brandon works as a Student Program Assistant and a researcher in the Public Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center.  He is also a Presidential Scholar for the Government department and has interned at the White House National Economic Council and The Charles Group, LLC. in Washington, D.C. Brandon is also on the men's varsity tennis team and a member of Chi Heorot Fraternity.
You may have seen local news headlines about Brandon’s achievements, such as the Dartmouth Now article.  Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Brandon for an interview for the Rockefeller Center blog. 

Q&A with Binta Brown (@batnib) on the Crusade for Social Justice Through the Law

 Binta Brown, a partner practicing corporate law at Kirkland & Ellis LLP, has noticed the growing gap between entrepreneurship and the obligation to help mankind. She believes that market solutions and business models can be harnessed to address humanitarian crises, and that private institutions have a responsibility for addressing public problems. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Truman National Security Fellow, her work has included advocating on behalf of women and girls, assisting with democratic institution-building and rule-of-law reforms, and engaging in other human rights matters throughout the world. Before presenting her talk, “Private Answers to Public Challenges,” Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Binta Brown for a brief interview. 

Q&A with Online Education Entrepreneur Chip Paucek of @2Uinc

Q&A with Global Leadership Expert Dr. Gama Perucci

Dr. Gama Perucci is currently serving as the Interim Provost, Dean of the Faculty and Dean of McDonough Center of Leadership and Business at Marietta College. He is also the McCoy Professor of Leadership Studies. A native of Brazil, Dr. Perruci has been published widely on the topic of the impact of globalization on leadership development.  He also often serves as a consultant for colleges and corporations, speaking about leadership issues in our rapidly changing world. After his lunch discussion with students, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Dr. Gama Perucci for a brief interview.

Courtney Wong (CW): Where are you from and how does your background influence your current work? 

Q&A with Former NH Governor John Lynch

Governor Lynch was elected in 2005 as the 80th Governor of New Hampshire; he served in this role for four consecutive terms until 2012. Under Gov. Lynch, New Hampshire was named the “Most Livable State” in the nation, as well as the “Safest State” for three years in a row.

Q&A with Law Professor Gus Speth

   James Gustave “Gus” Speth is currently serving as a Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School. His research involves how environmental changes can help alleviate America's problems, such as poverty and standard of living. The American political economy requires deep, systemic changes in order to improve societal conditions for the future.   Before presenting his public lecture on System Change Not Climate Change: Manifesto for a New Economy, Courtney Wong '15 sat down with Gus Speth for a brief interview. 

Courtney Wong (CW): How does global environmental sustainability help alleviate other issues, like poverty? 


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