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RLF Recap: In the Arena: Translating Thought into Action as a Young Leader with Nate Fick '99

Last Thursday, Nate Fick, class of ‘99 and current Dartmouth trustee, spoke to the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows about his experiences as a marine officer and as a CEO. Fick’s astounding track record includes two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, executive management of both corporate and nonprofit enterprises, and a bestselling autobiography, but more impressive is his endearing modesty and keen perception for how morality, authority, and responsibility fit into the choices we make. 

Students Participate in "Tools and Techniques for Group Facilitation" Workshops with Darin Eich

On September 17th, I had the pleasure of attending Darin Eich’s workshop “Tools and Techniques for Group Facilitation.” I took part in this event because I believe the ability to organize and lead discussions is important in the professional world. This is an ability that one should develop before it is actually needed. Dr. Eich’s workshop offered the opportunity to discover new techniques that I could use in my future endeavors.

Dr. Eich exhibited an amicable personality from the moment he arrived at the workshop, proceeding to individually greet each participant. His emphasis on “keeping the roots in” was demonstrated throughout his presentation as he introduced his background, as well as the learning model that he believes best represents how people learn. This model, which emphasizes action and engagement, guided the workshop as Dr. Eich taught facilitation strategies by implementing them in the session.

MLDP Recap: Presentation for the User Experience with Dave Uejio

Read a student's account of our most recent session in our Management Leadership and Development program below. For more information, about MLDP, click here. 

PolitTALK with Journalist Souad Mekhennet


On Monday, May 8th, New York Times columnist Souad Mekhennet spoke to students about her experience working in the Middle East over lunch.  A German reporter of Turkish and Moroccan descent, Mekhennet has covered conflicts and terrorist groups in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. With recent events escalating in Syria, it was very interesting to listen to Mekhennet's opinions about a post-Arab Spring world.  




Mekhennet discussed with students about her recent reporting in Bahrain, where her goal was to tell the stories of women and other minority groups.  She wanted to investigate the silenced majority in the region and their thoughts on the recent protests.  Bridget Golob '14, a student participant in the lunch, commented, "Getting to talk in an informal setting with Souad Mekhennet was fantastic. She shared a lot about her on-the-ground experiences, her thoughts about the future of women's rights and democratic values in the Middle East, and about her role as a reporter and not a biased observer."

RLF Recap: David Ager on Leadership, Alignment, and Organizational Chance

David Ager, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, spoke to the Fellows about "Leadership, Alignment, and Organizational Change". Prior reading to his lecture included two Harvard Business School case studies called ‘Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley’ and ‘The Firmwide 360° performance evaluation Process at Morgan Stanley’. The case studies used the example of Rob Parson, a market coverage professional at Morgan Stanley, who was implicitly guaranteed promotion by the leader of his team, Paul Nasr. When he first recruited Parson, Nasr had implied that he would promote Parson to the role of managing director on the completion of his first year with the firm.

Ager used the example of Rob Parson to highlight how the initial source of success for an individual can become a fatal flaw. For Parson, these initial sources of success included his stellar track record, brilliance, commitment, charm, and ambition.

Mini Grant Recap: The Paganucci Fellows' Trip to Liberia

The ProjectThe Paganucci Fellows social impact consulting project this year was to develop an expansion strategy for the Global Grassroots eAcademy for Social Change, a web-based social innovation platform. The eAcademy is tailored toward early-stage, grassroots social change agents who are interested in starting their own non-governmental or civil society organizations to address social issues in their communities. Global Grassroots has developed a beta version of the eAcademy and is about to wrap up the first round of pilot testing with pilot users in 10 countries which The modules are delivered entirely online.

Dartmouth Policy Research Shop Reports Findings on Voter Identification to NH House

On Tuesday, March 6, 2012, three Dartmouth students, Stephen Prager ’14, Manav Raj ’15, and Joseph Singh ’14, from the Nelson A.  Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop, traveled to the New Hampshire  House of Representatives in Concord to testify before a special session of the House Committee on Election Law at the request of Chairman David Bates.

RLF in Review: January 2012 Sessions with Dartmouth Senior VP Carolyn Pelzel, Prof. Ron Shaiko, and Student Presentations

The second session of the winter 2012 term began with a presentation on the philanthropic work of Jane Goodhall, presented by Fellow Annie Saunders. The theme theme of philanthropy continued throughout the night! Session speaker, Carolyn Pelzel, Senior Vice President for Advancement here at Dartmouth, delighted fellows with a presentation on effecting change, the power of philanthropy, and how philanthropy embodies effective leadership. Pelzel centered her presentation on challenging Fellow’s assumptions about philanthropy through an interactive quiz and thoughtful discussion. Pelzel argued that when you engage in philanthropy you are learning the importance of adhering to a clear mission, employing teamwork, leveraging human capital, evaluating results, and dealing with ethical dilemmas – all important leadership qualities! -- Anna-Kay Thomas '12

The next Thursday evening session centered on student directed sessions given by current fellows to their peers.  During these presentations, fellows share thoughts on someone that they consider a leader.  During the January 19th RLF, the following students gave the following presentations:

PRS Student Presents Research on Renewable Energy Incentives to the Lebanon, NH Energy Advisory Committee



Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop student Brian Freeman '11 speaks with a member of the Lebanon Energy Advisory Committee in Lebanon, NH on May 19, 2011.



PRS Students Present Carbon Tax Research to the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club

On May 11, 2011, four students from the Policy Research Shop at the Rockefeller Center were the invited guests for the bi-monthly meeting of the Bi-State Upper Valley Sierra Club comprised of citizens from both Vermont and New Hampshire interested in environmental justice issues. The students, Alexi Pappas '12, Lindsay Brewer '13, Marissa Greco '12, and Zachary Schwartz '11 presented the results of an analysis of carbon tax implementation strategies, reviewing New Hampshire's current energy policies as a part of a comprehensive climate change plan. Engaging with case studies where carbon taxes were implemented at the producer and consumer level, the students demonstrated ways a climate tax could be designed and effectively utilized in a New Hampshire setting.
The Policy Research Shop is supported in part by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE) program.


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