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RBEL - The Oil & Gas Industry

The Rockefeller Business Entrepreneurship and Leadership (RBEL) group is an organization dedicated to promoting, fostering and encouraging relationships between Dartmouth alumni and undergraduates who share an interest in business.

If you're interested in learning more about the oil & gas industry, join RBEL on Wednesday, September 17th from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m in Room 209 at the Rockefeller Center for free Boloco and a great discussion!

Joining RBEL for this discussion on the Oil & Gas Industry are the following alumni.

John Turro '12
currently works on the land team at Nearburg Producing Company.  Previously, he worked at Morgan Stanley Investment Management in NYC for two years. Turro was a history major at Dartmouth and was co-captain of the Track and Field team.  He also worked at the Rockefeller Center and was the student coordinator for the Dartmouth Republican Debate in 2011.

RBEL Recap: Senior Policy Lecturer Charles Wheelan '88 speaks about his transformation into a journalist

This event was sponsored by the Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership (RBEL), a student discussion group that meets every Wednesday evening. For more information, click here.

RBEL Students Discuss Leadership Organizational Strategies with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Who thought that a chamber orchestra could be the model for a successful business organization? The Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership (RBEL) Student Discussion Group was proud to invite members of the Grammy-winning Orpheus Chamber Orchestra for a lunch discussion regarding the similarities between leadership in an orchestra and leadership in any business organization.

RBEL: Dartmouth Develops

The U.S. economy has had its share of ups and downs. Luckily, there is a solid group of entrepreneurs that use their aspirations and innovations to provide a reviving spark. They take the initiative to address business problems and fill certain niches with stronger enterprises. The Rockefeller Center is pleased to be welcoming back some of Dartmouth’s own alumni entrepreneurs who have shown that with a creative idea and a motivated work ethic, business ventures can succeed. They will speak to how Dartmouth helped them develop as entrepreneurs and how they have developed successful businesses of their own.
Panelists will include:

  • Bill Bender '78, Founder, SolaFlect Energy
  • Steven Reinitz '09, Co-founder, B.B.R. Medical Innovations, Inc.
  • Nick Taranto '06, Co-founder,

Dartmouth’s George Philipose '15, RBEL Student Discussion Group Leader, will be the moderator. This event is planned and hosted by Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership (RBEL) Student Discussion Group.

Please join us for the Dartmouth Develops panel at Rockefeller 001 at 4:30 pm, April 18, 2013.

Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders (RBEL) Conversation with Bob Hager '60

Read an MLDP Participant’s account of our most recent session in Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders (RBEL). For more information, about MLDP, click here.

RBEL meets on Wednesday nights at 7 PM, and often includes a special guest speaker.  Click here for more information.

RBEL Host Prof. Punam Keller

Read a student's account of a recent session of Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders, one of our student-led groups.

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