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RGLP Recap: "Global Citizenship" with Dr. Gama Perucci

This ongoing series explores sessions of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP) through participant narratives. RGLP engages Dartmouth students who have demonstrated leadership skills and would like to extend these skills on a globally conscious level. In this program, students focus on and further develop international leadership competencies, which have become increasingly crucial in corporate, public and non-profit sectors today.

“What if we create our own country right here?” and “Will nations ever agree to open borders?” were some of the questions our guest speaker, Dr.  Gama Perruci, posed to my fellow RGLP participants and me at our Monday meeting.

RGLP: Cultural Identifications with Professor Claudia Anguiano

Professor Claudia Anguiano began her two-hour session on Cultural Identifications with a PowerPoint presentation that revealed how minor differences in terminology can have major impacts on a population’s perceived identity of certain groups. As an example, she challenged us to exchange the word “illegal” with “undocumented” when saying the phrase “Illegal Immigrants.” The group and I quickly realized that, though similar, the difference in wording has a major impact on the perception of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Not only are undocumented immigrants affected by the harsh labeling of their current position but other groups as well.

RGLP goes through the motions of Hot Yoga

When I heard that we were going to be going to a Hot Yoga session I was ecstatic. I considered myself reasonably flexible and I loved to stretch. I was also intrigued by the idea of the fact that the room would be hot because I needed to sweat out a few extra calories in preparation for Caribbean Carnival. I knew for sure that this session would be unlike any session that we had previously. While previous sessions were more about learning to be a global leader it seemed, at first, that this session was just about relaxation and fun.

As we arrived at and entered the hot yoga studio room I could feel myself taking in the new atmosphere and trying to prepare myself for this new experience that was about to occur. The instructor started the group off with some slow and relatively easy stretches. While we were stretching, I realized that I should have heeded the warning of the RGLP advisors and not eaten before this session. My turkey sandwich was not sitting too well at that moment. As the room became warmer and my stomach settled, my body began to relax more and the stretch sequences, while still a bit out of my comfort zone, became easier with repetition and focus.

RGLP Participants Self-Assess Using the Intercultural Developmental Inventory

Before week three of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program, “Self Assessment with IDI,” began, participants took an online test, the Intercultural Developmental Inventory (IDI). This purposefully vague assignment (RGLP’s leaders intentionally did not provide much context), asked me to respond to many statements that evaluated my culture with respect to others.

RGLP discusses "Are We There Yet?" with Dr. Gama Perruci

Having spent significant time in both the United States and Korea, I often ask myself about where I belong. Am I a Korean-American or a Korean with an American passport or an American with a Korean passport? As a member of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program, I stepped into the lecture room with these questions in mind.

Dr. Gama Perucci's lecture titled "Are We There Yet" delves into the issues of nation-building and nationalism. Throughout the lecture, he discussed the birth and the demarcation of a state prior to 1600 with the introduction of conscription and taxation, and the democratization of the nation in 1800s spurred by a series of revolution that introduced the notion of citizenship.

Apply Now to be part of the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program by Sunday, Feb. 23rd!

The Rockefeller Center's Global Leadership Program engages Dartmouth students who have demonstrated leadership skills and would like to extend these skills on a globally conscious level. In this program, students will focus on and further develop international leadership competencies, which have become increasingly crucial in corporate, public and non-profit sectors today. 

Once a week throughout spring term, a carefully selected group of students will have the opportunity to explore the topics of cultural identity and leadership in-depth and also gain first-hand experience in cross-cultural communication. These students will develop a comprehensive understanding of leadership in a global context through a multitude of small group and individual activities, including scenario act-outs, country analysis, group presentations, and themed discussions. These important cross-cultural leadership skills have proven to be practical in many Dartmouth students' internships abroad, international volunteering experiences, and research positions. 

Some of the modules include:

Global Consciousness and Global Citizenship: Rockefeller Moves Forward with Student Program

As ideas, capital, and people move freely across geographical borders, essential collaboration has becoming increasingly complicated with teams from various time zones, languages and backgrounds attempting to address the most pressing issues facing our society. Leaders in this fluid network need a variety of tools to successfully navigate professional and interpersonal situations: profound cultural understanding, impeccable communication skills and the ability to fully utilize technology navigating the shrinking globe.

Recognizing this reality Dartmouth students will face upon graduation, the Rockefeller Center has been working over the past couple of years and has tested and implemented initiatives designed to meet the needs of students going on FSPs, students who are interested in global issues, or students who have been selected for internships abroad. A total of 120 students have participated in these various initiatives and the Rockefeller Center has now directed its attention to establishing one of its newest offerings, the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (RGLP).

Staff Profile: Meet Vincent Mack

Vincent L. Mack is the Program Officer for the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy. Prior to joining the Rockefeller Center's staff, Vincent lived in Germany, working extensively for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, a program partnered through the United Nations and the Department of the State. An avid traveler, he thoroughly enjoys one-on-one conversations, exploring other cultures and places, and has been to nearly 25 countries. His experiences abroad continually inspire him to encourage Dartmouth students to widen their global perspective through leadership and public service.

Apply to the Rocky Global Leadership Program! Fall 2013 Registration Deadline - May 24th

Interested in developing a sense of global consciousness?Would you like to improve your cross-cultural understanding?  Appy to the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program!
For more information on how to participate, please contact Vincent Mack.  Registration for the Fall 2013 program ends on Friday, May 4th.
Check out what a typical RGLP session is like here

MLDP Alum Celeste Winston '14 Named a 2013 Beinecke Scholar

A Geography major, Celeste Winston ’14 has been named one of 20 Beinecke Scholars for 2013.  According to the article in Dartmouth Now, she will receive support from the Beinecke Foundation to pursue a PhD in the subject. Established in 1971, the Beinecke Foundation provides $34,000 of support to exceptional students for graduate studies in the fields of the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Committed to the field of social justice, Winston has held various leadership roles on campus as well as participated in several Rockefeller Center programs.  She has participated in the Rockefeller Global Leadership Program in preparation for Geography Foreign Study Program in Prague, as well as the Management and Leadership Development Program here at the Rockefeller Center. Winston is also an executive member of the Dartmouth Afro-American Society.


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