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Networking Events 101

Does the word "networking" make you cringe? Do you find yourself reluctant to go to networking events and meet people?Here are a few tips to make it easy for you.
Set Goals: Networking events can seem exhausting or intimidating, but going into a networking situation with a fun goal can help make the event more manageable and productive. A networking goal can be numerical or qualitative, general or specific and some ideas include:

  • Meet five new people and get their business card or add them to your LinkedIn.
  • Set up at least one follow-up conversation or email.
  • Learn about a different field related to your current interest.

    Entering a Conversation: Instead of waiting for conversation to come to you, be proactive with these simple conversation starters. If you’re nervous, just remember that the majority of other people probably know as few people in the room as you do and will feel relieved if you start the conversation. So set a goal of being the conversation starter for five minutes and use some of these tips:

    Caitlin Keenan instrumental in developing the Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program

    For the past year, the Rockefeller Center has been establishing a range of new programs, including a peer mentoring program. Rockefeller's mentoring program is structured in two parts: the Rockefeller Peer Mentoring Program and the Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program.

    The Rockefeller Peer Mentoring Program provides the most recent class of First-Year Fellows and Civic Skills Training participants with student mentors pulled from the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows and select upperclassmen who can provide guidance and answer questions that will help sophomores plan the final three years of their Dartmouth experience. 

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