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Ronald Shaiko

RLF Recap: "Leadership in Civil Society" with Professor Ronald Shaiko

This ongoing series explores sessions of the Rockefeller Leadership Fellows (RLF) program. RLF provides fellows with resources in leadership theories and practical skills. Selected their Junior Spring, these Seniors take part in the workshops, dinner discussions, and team-building exercises as they gain a better understanding of the qualities and responsibilities necessary for leaders and successful leadership styles.

Faculty Panel, "Nothing Hard about the Math; It's All about the Politics" at Rockefeller 003 @ 4:30 pm, 1/16/14

For more than a decade, the U.S. has been experiencing a cycle of unsustainable budget deficits contributing to a staggering national debt. As key federal programs threaten to become insolvent, what can be done to steer the budget to a more sustainable trajectory?

For members of Dartmouth's faculty will address this question in the panel, "Nothing Hard about the Math; It's All about the Politics." The panel will discuss how everyone is in agreement - more or less - to what needs to be done, but there is no political will to do so. What needs to be done is completely opposite of what every candidate promises during the campaign. How do we stop the cycle?

Shaiko Opinion Piece About Diversity Published in Recent Chronicle of Higher Education

In his Chronicle of Higher Education opinion piece, Ronald Shaiko, senior fellow and the associate director for curricular and research programs at The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences, says that in order to create diverse campus communities, colleges and universities must do more than accept diverse classes of incoming students each year.

Read the full opinion piece online.

Rocky Leadership Fellows Discuss Leadership in Civil Society with Prof. Shaiko

Professor Ronald Shaiko addressed the Fellows, asking them to consider social capital in the context of Dartmouth and beyond.  He also called attention to the way non-for-profits operate and to civil society as a whole.  Professor Shaiko gave numerous examples including the World Bank, naming it as an entity that embodies the third sector definition.  In these organizations, action is more collective than individual, but leaders are needed to relate to those group behaviors in order to accomplish the organization’s goals.

The Fellows were also introduced to two different kinds of social capital prevalent across all sectors—bridging and bonding.  We were encouraged to think of both kinds in the context of the College, and to be aware of the darker side of social capital.  Bonding is a reinforcement of homogeneity and as a result can bring about greater exclusivity.  Bridging, on the other hand, is more likely to foster inclusion but instigates a “thin trust” tie, as opposed to the “thick trust” of bonding.

Nelson A. Rockefeller Center Completes 5th Annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll on Politics, Economic Issues, and Social Policies

The Rockefeller Center’s fifth annual New Hampshire State of the State Poll surveyed a sample of New Hampshire registered voters (N=403) on April 2-5, 2012 to get voter opinions on policy issues, elected officials, and the state of the economy in New Hampshire and in the United States.

Highlights from the poll include the following:

RLF in Review: January 2012 Sessions with Dartmouth Senior VP Carolyn Pelzel, Prof. Ron Shaiko, and Student Presentations

The second session of the winter 2012 term began with a presentation on the philanthropic work of Jane Goodhall, presented by Fellow Annie Saunders. The theme theme of philanthropy continued throughout the night! Session speaker, Carolyn Pelzel, Senior Vice President for Advancement here at Dartmouth, delighted fellows with a presentation on effecting change, the power of philanthropy, and how philanthropy embodies effective leadership. Pelzel centered her presentation on challenging Fellow’s assumptions about philanthropy through an interactive quiz and thoughtful discussion. Pelzel argued that when you engage in philanthropy you are learning the importance of adhering to a clear mission, employing teamwork, leveraging human capital, evaluating results, and dealing with ethical dilemmas – all important leadership qualities! -- Anna-Kay Thomas '12

The next Thursday evening session centered on student directed sessions given by current fellows to their peers.  During these presentations, fellows share thoughts on someone that they consider a leader.  During the January 19th RLF, the following students gave the following presentations:

Rockefeller Center Faculty Called Upon for #FITN #NH Primary Analysis

The "First In The Nation" New Hampshire Primaries are over, and the attention of the campaigns and media have moved to states like South Carolina.  In the analysis stage of the NH Primary, Rockefeller Center staff and faculty have been called upon and quoted in several publications. 

Among them, Professors Ron Shaiko and Linda Fowler.  Shaiko is Senior Fellow and Associate Director of Curricular Programs at the Rockefeller Center, and Fowler is a former Director of the Rockefeller Center.  This winter term, Prof. Shaiko is teaching Introduction to Public Policy and Prof. Fowler is teaching Leadership and Political Institutions.

Here's a sampling of the recent media mentions:

Policy Research Shop Gears Up For Busy Winter Term

Offered in the fall term, Public Policy 45: Introduction to Public Policy Research, taught by Professor Ron Shaiko, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Center, and Professor Ben Cole, a Rockefeller Center post-doctoral fellow and co-manager of the Policy Research Shop (PRS), included a record number of 27 students and produced a record-breaking nine PRS projects that will be completed in the winter term in the PRS.   

Students at Dartmouth Discuss Republican Presidential Candidates at #econdebate Focus Group

On October 11, 2011, sixteen Dartmouth undergraduates participated in a focus group prior to and immediately following the Republican Presidential Debate at Dartmouth College. The panelists came from all walks of life and were selected in hopes of representing the diversity of the campus.

The group was joined by Professor Ron Shaiko, Senior Fellow and Associate Director for Curricular and Research Programs at the Rockefeller Center, who served as their facilitator for this focus group. The focus group began with a discussion of the students’ first political experiences, agents of political socialization, and political ideology.

What traits are you looking for in a US President? Live Online Event with Prof. Shaiko

Join Professor Ron Shaiko on the Dartmouth Facebook page TODAY (October 10, 2011) from 2 - 4 PM as he answers YOUR questions live. 

Watch the video, and "Ask Dartmouth" your thoughts related to the upcoming #econdebate and presidential election cycle.


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