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Student Workshops

Recognizing Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistant: Jing Li ’16

Jing Li ’16 has worked at the Rockefeller Center since her sophomore spring as a Student Program Assistant for Student Workshops.  Her first experience with Rocky was as a participant in the Management and Leadership Development Program, which she liked so much that she wanted to get involved with Rocky at a deeper level.  She consequently applied for this position and was hired.

As Jing explains it, the Student Workshops program “invites guest speakers who come in and run a workshop that’s leadership-oriented or career-oriented,” catered to students who wish to develop their professional capacities.  Her favorite workshop is the Etiquette Dinner, which happens every fall and spring. Robert Shutt, a consultant with RA Solutions, leads the group through the art of business dining over a three course meal catered by the Hanover Inn. “Shine while you dine,” says Shutt. Manners matter and courtesy counts and never forget that the meal is not the most important part of the encounter.

Student Workshop: "Beyond Buzzwords" with Deloitte

On September 21, 2015, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center hosted an exciting workshop with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Participants were introduced to the design thinking process, and then had an opportunity to practice it by working in small groups to identify and solve a problem in the US education system. 

Several of the Deloitte facilitators who led the workshop were Dartmouth alums: Sahil Joshi '13, Ross Brown '14 and Garrett Shmidt '15.

It was interesting to learn how consulting firms engage with federal agencies to solve the government's most pressing issues, and how thought leadership can generate unique engagements. For the exercise, my group decided to tackle the unequal access students have to resources in order to prepare for standardized tests. It was intellectually stimulating to work with other passionate students to explore this important issue in the context of the design thinking process. Furthermore, members of the Deloitte team were present to help guide us and focus our ideas.

The Management and Leadership Development Program: Spring 2015 MLDP Recap

Congratulations to the students who completed the Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) with distinction in the spring term of 2015. 

To complete MLDP with distinction, a participant is asked to complete a personal case study. This case study begins with the students identifying a leadership or management challenge in an organization or group they are currently involved in. They identify the resources available to them in MLDP and apply the skills learned in the weekly sessions to take action on a solution for their challenge. Then, they reflect on their experience in writing. This is a great example of the type of experiential learning that students experience in MLDP. Click here for more information about MLDP.

Register Now for The Startup Experience on June 20-21 with CEO and Entrepreneur Henrik Scheel!

Make a Social Impact: Explore. Innovate. Prototype. Present. Following a successful workshop last year, Rocky is bringing back The Startup Experience with serial entrepreneur and CEO and Founder of the Startup Experience Henrik Scheel this summer.

During this 1.5 day crash course on high-impact entrepreneurship and social innovation, participants will learn how to use design thinking and develop an entrepreneurial mindset to solve real social problems. Participants will go through a multi-stage process that begins with identifying and understanding big social problems and the people affected by those issues, and ends with teams pitching their innovative solutions and business models to a judging committee. Through this experience, students will improve their creative capacity, find inspiration, learn how to identify problems, understand users, and build ideas into tangible concepts, prototypes, and ventures.

Energy and Excellence with Johann Berlin, Sunday, April 6th @ 2 pm

Johann Berlin, executive director of TLEX, will be visiting campus to run a workshop, designed specifically for the Dartmouth community, on redefining personal success, bringing attention to the present, creating authentic social connections and harnessing the power of enthusiasm in people's daily lives. Sponsored by Dartmouth on Purpose, Berlin's session will run from 2-4 pm on Sunday, April 6th and all students, faculty, administrators and community members may participate. Click here to register.  

TLEX is a corporate wellness program and some of Berlin's clients include The World Bank, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, GE, and the Harvard Business School. His workshops lead participants through a series of exercises and activities that help improve self-awareness, energy, happiness, and social connectedness.

Group Facilitation workshop with Darin Eich, Ph.D., Founder of

As part of MLDP, we encourage student participants to attend other Rockefeller Center programs in order to enrich their Dartmouth experience. Read a student account of a Rockefeller Center program, and for more information about MLDP, click here.  

Kaneisha Grayson Shares "5 Tips for Applying to Policy School"

Kaneisha Grayson is the founder of The Art of Applying, a company that provides coaching to students and professionals interested in MBA, MPP, and other fellowship programs. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School and will be hosting a webinar on Sunday, October 20th for Dartmouth students. Interested students can RSVP here. In addition, we will be giving one FREE enrollment in the online "Hacking Harvard Kennedy School" during the webinar, so RSVP soon!

Kaneisha Grayson

5 Tips for Preparing to Apply for Policy School

"Networking for a New Generation" Webinar Offered 10/20 - RSVP now to prepare for Recruiting; Searching for Internships

Ready for the interviews needed for jobs, internships, or graduate school? Not sure where to start your job search or how to get your foot in the door? The Rockefeller Center has a free workshop just for you! RSVP online here.

On Sunday, October 20th from 8-9:30 PM, Kaneisha Grayson, founder of The Art of Applying, will host a webinar on "Networking for a New Generation" for the Rockefeller Center. In this workshop, you will learn:

Students Participate in "Tools and Techniques for Group Facilitation" Workshops with Darin Eich

On September 17th, I had the pleasure of attending Darin Eich’s workshop “Tools and Techniques for Group Facilitation.” I took part in this event because I believe the ability to organize and lead discussions is important in the professional world. This is an ability that one should develop before it is actually needed. Dr. Eich’s workshop offered the opportunity to discover new techniques that I could use in my future endeavors.

Dr. Eich exhibited an amicable personality from the moment he arrived at the workshop, proceeding to individually greet each participant. His emphasis on “keeping the roots in” was demonstrated throughout his presentation as he introduced his background, as well as the learning model that he believes best represents how people learn. This model, which emphasizes action and engagement, guided the workshop as Dr. Eich taught facilitation strategies by implementing them in the session.

Q&A with Henrik Scheel, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Startup Experience

Henrik Scheel, the founder of the Startup Experience Inc., seeks to instill a sense of responsibility in people to improve the broader world through entrepreneurship. Scheel believes that design thinking is valuable tool in finding and/or creating opportunities that can improve social well-being through human-centered business solutions. Henrik Scheel is a Danish serial entrepreneur currently living in San Francisco where he focuses on startup projects in entrepreneurship education and telecom.  After working in innovation management, he moved to Silicon Valley where he founded Startup Experience Inc. Through Startup Experience he has formed partnerships with governments, NGOs and corporate non-profits in 15+ countries and is striving to transform entrepreneurship education in today’s school system.


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