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Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes & Behaviors Program

Leadership is putting values into action. D-LAB allows first-year students to explore the forces that influence their principles or standards of behavior.

DLAB Leadership with Others

During D-LAB students have time to really discuss and reflect upon their values and how that impacts their leadership.

Students in a DLAB session

Participants enjoy a mix of small-group discussion and activities throughout the six sessions.


Session activities offer immediate feedback on students’ perception, intent, and impact.

About the Program

The Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors program (D-LAB) prepares first-year students to make thoughtful decisions about how they spend their time at Dartmouth. Through thought-provoking discussion, students explore their individual beliefs, values, and identity. They examine how to act in line with them and learn how to navigate these ideals within the greater community.  

Over the course of six weekly sessions, students meet with their peers in small groups. Participants have the opportunity to bond with peers of different values and backgrounds and connect with their upper-class facilitators through reflective and interactive activities. The conversations that take place broaden students’ understanding of themselves, their fellow classmates, and the Dartmouth experience itself.

D-LAB is co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Center and the Collis Center for Student Involvement.

Winter 2017 Program Schedule

Participants will attend six consecutive weekly two-hour sessions in the winter term. Weekly sessions start at 5:30pm with dinner and end at 7:30pm.

  • Monday 1/16/2017 Session 1: Leadership from Within Part I
    • The kickoff session is from 3:00-5:00 pm.
  • Monday 1/23/2017 Session 2: Leadership from Within Part II
  • Monday 1/30/2017 Session 3: Leadership With Others
  • Monday 2/6/2017 Session 4: Leadership for Others Part I
  • Monday 2/13/2017 Session 5: Leadership for Others Part II
  • Monday 2/20/2017 Session 6: Leadership in Practice 

Registration Process

First-year students can start registering in late fall. Registrations will end the week before the program starts. There is a limit to the number of participants we can accept. Once the maximum number of participants has been reached, there will be a waiting list created.

Participant Quotes

Quotes are left anonymous to maintain the intimate nature of the conversations that take place in the program.

“I have learned about what I value personally, and what lengths I am willing to go to in order to preserve my ideals and act in a manner I find moral and appropriate. I also learned that I am more similar to my peers than I thought when I first decided to do DLAB.”
“I have learned a lot about how each person's values play a large part in their life perspective and decision making, and how important it is to consider these things when acting. Sometimes, different values can result in varying interpretations of the same action, and this is important to keep in mind when leading others and also reflecting on your own decisions.”
“I've always subconsciously known what values are important to me, but the D-LAB program helped me to explicitly identify what I value. Through the activity where we analyzed what we did over a weekend, I realized that I could work on living my values in all of my actions.”
“My main takeaway is that everyone at Dartmouth has different values and entirely different Dartmouth experiences, but that does not prevent us from working together towards common goals.”

For more information, contact Robin Frye, program officer for co-curricular programs, at (603) 646-4099.

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