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Policy Research Shop Testimony: May 14, 2013

PRS students Brandon DeBot '14 and Andres Ramirez '14 testify before the Windsor, VT Selectboard

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PRS Students Testify Before the Town of Windsor, VT Selectboard

On Tuesday evening, May 14, 2013, PRS students Brandon DeBot ’14 and Andres Ramirez ’14 traveled to Windsor, Vermont to address the members of the Windsor Selectboard. Last summer, Windsor Town Manager Tom Marsh requested an analysis of possible areas of regionalization of services between the Vermont towns of Windsor, West Windsor, Weathersfield, and Hartland. DeBot and Ramirez were joined by Amy Couture ’14 to conduct the research and analysis to provide an assessment of the feasibility of regionalization in these four towns. At the May 14 meeting public meeting of the Windsor Selectboard, DeBot and Ramirez presented the results of their research in “Regionalization in Vermont: Benefits and Challenges of Regionalization in Windsor, West Windsor, Hartland, and Weathersfield.” 

Their PowerPoint presentation highlighted the key findings of the study. DeBot and Ramirez then responded to questions from the members of the Selectboard and from Town Manager Marsh. The Windsor Selectboard has posted the PRS policy brief on the town website and intends to share the findings with the regional planning commission that includes three of the four towns.

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