Apply to the Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange

Application Information

  • Applications are due February 1 for the following academic year
  • You should apply during the year prior to your planned attendance.
  • You may apply for all three terms: fall, winter, or spring. Please note you must submit an application for each term for which you are applying. There is also a space in the application to indicate which term you prefer most.
  • Download the Rockefeller Center's Keble Guide.

Application Policy

Do not apply for any term at Keble College in which you will not be able to attend due to other obligations. If you are selected for the fall, winter, or spring exchange, you will not be allowed to switch terms.

Application Requirements

Complete an application, available through The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education.

Please include a list of all the relevant courses you have taken towards your major and build a strong case as to why you are qualified to take economics or government courses at Keble College.