Conference Attendance

The Rockefeller Center can fund up to $300 to cover conference registration fees (not travel expenses) for Dartmouth undergraduate students. Consideration is given for conferences that enhance a student’s academic knowledge, leadership development, or campus impact. Students can only apply once a year for funding.

Application Information

Application deadlines occur every two weeks with a decision made by the dates indicated below. Applications must be received prior to the conference. Out of fairness to the applicant pool, applications will not be granted expedited consideration in the case of missed deadlines. Applications for a conference received from multiple members of a student group will be considered individually and will be granted funding on the basis of their own merit. Approved funding is distributed after the conference takes place and all post event requirements have been submitted.

2021-2022 Fall Term

  • Application Deadline 09/30/21. Decision Date by 10/08/21.
  • Application Deadline 10/14/21. Decision Date by 10/22/21.
  • Application Deadline 10/28/21. Decision Date by 11/05/21.
  • Application Deadline 11/11/21. Decision Date by 11/19/21.

2021-2022 Winter Term

  • Application Deadline 01/20/22. Decision Date by 01/28/22.
  • Application Deadline 02/03/22. Decision Date by 02/11/22.
  • Application Deadline 02/17/22. Decision Date by 02/25/22.
  • Application Deadline 03/03/22. Decision Date by 03/11/22.

2021-2022 Spring Term

  • Application Deadline 04/14/22. Decision Date by 04/22/22.
  • Application Deadline 04/28/22. Decision Date by 05/06/22.
  • Application Deadline 05/12/22. Decision Date by 05/20/22.
  • Application Deadline 05/26/22. Decision Date by 06/03/22.

Application Process

Complete the application form.

Post-Event Requirements

The Rockefeller Center provides approved funds after the conference has taken place and after the student has completed the post-conference form. Post conference forms must be completed within 30 days of the conference.