Named Funds

Named Funds generously support Rockefeller Center interns during leave-term unpaid internships in the fields of public policy, public affairs, and social entrepreneurship. Read more about students' internship experiences by clicking on each link.

Peter McSpadden '52 Memorial Fund

In honor of Peter McSpadden '52's internship experiences and his involvement in government, the McSpadden family established this fund as part of the former Public Affairs Center. The McSpadden funding supports up to four interns per year.

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Perkins Bass '34 Fund

The Perkins Bass 1934 Fund supports up to two students per year in public policy internships at the state or local level. Perkins Bass was a key New Hampshire public figure - active in both NH and US politics.

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Henry Leach III '28 Memorial Fund

Established in memory of Henry Leach III '28 through gifts of his son Paul Leach '67 and his widow, Mrs. Burton. This internship funding source supports one intern per year.

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David F. Squire 1947 Fund

This endowed fund was originally established in December 1968 with a gift from David F. Squire of the Dartmouth Class of 1947. The purpose of the fund is to support the realm of public affairs. 

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Rockefeller Center Ventures for Hope Fund

Ventures for Hope's mission is to create hope by developing income earning social enterprises that benefit those in need. The nonprofit provides consulting, business acceleration and seed capital fundraising to nonprofit partners to help build businesses. This fund supports students interested in internships serving this sector.

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Rob Saltzman '76 Fund

The Saltzman Fund supports students interested in LGBTQIA+ civil rights or public policy/political issues. Examples of internship placements could include, but are not limited to, working on LGBTQIA+ political issues in a Congressional Office in D.C., working for a national LGBTQIA+ political organization, or working for an American Civil Liberties Union gay rights chapter.