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Recent Grants Awarded

The following faculty have received classroom enhancement grants.

Giavanna Munafo, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality
Course: WGSS 10: Sex, Gender & Society
Event: Film  Screening of "Orgasm," by Liz Canner

Douglas Moody, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Course: WGSS 10: Sex, Gender & Society
Event: Women in Action, Organizing for Women's Rights in Nicaragua

Jeremy DeSilva, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 41: Human Evolution
Guest: Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Curator of Physical Anthropology at Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Ryan McKeon, Geography
Course: GEOG 8: Life in the Anthropocene
Guest: Sam Evans-Brown, reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio and host of the Outside/In podcast

Bill Wohlforth, Government
Courses: Govt 52: Russian Foreign Policy; Govt 5 International Politics
Guest: Ambassador Kenneth Yalowitz

Kenneth Bauer, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 65: Conservatioin and Development
Guest: Angela Park, independent consultant, researcher, and writer

Israel Reyes, Spanish and Portuguese; LALACS
Courses: LATS 37:Migrant Lives and Labor in the Upper Valley: Latinx Studies for Community Engagement; LATS 40: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
Guest: Brendan O'Neill from Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante

Sergei Kan, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 14: Anthropology of Death and Dying
Guest: Natasha Zaretsky Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University

Chelsey Kivland, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Guest: Julio Alejandro Munoz Uribe, indigenous artist from Mapuche-Williche territory in South-Central Chile

Sean Kang, Education
Course: EDUC: 55: Psychology to Education
Guest: Pooja Agarwal, Washington University

Pamela Voekel, History
Course: LALACS 1 - "Rethinking Immigration History and Politics: The Case of the Dominican Republic"
Guest: Dr. Lorgia Garcia Pena, Harvard University

Sergei Kan, Anthropology
Courses: ANTH 3: Intro to Cultural Anthropology & ANTH 47: Alaska: American Dreams and Native Realities
Guest: Dr. Alexis C. Bunten '99

Pati Hernandez, WGST
Course: Telling Stories for Social Change
Event: Filming, distribution, and discussion of performances at the Valley Vista Rehab Center

Douglas Moody LALACS
Course: LACS 20: The Politics and Ethics of Development in Latin America: The Nicaraguan Context
Guest: Michael Boudreau, Executive Director, Compas de Nicaragua

Sienna Craig and Tim Lahey, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 50: Rites of Passage: The Biology and Culture of Life's Transitions
Guest: Dana Walrath

Chelsey Kivland, ANTH
Course: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Ethnography of Violence
Event: "Nowhere to Go" multimedia event

Nicolay Ostrau, German Studies Department
Course: German Studies Refugee Exhibition
Guest: Viktor Witkowski

Janice McCabe, Sociology
Course: SOCY 58: Education and Inequality
Guest: Daisy Verduzco Reyes

Abigail Neely, Geography
Course: GEOG 7: Landscapes of New England
Event: Field trip to visit the Haven and to tour the Upper Valley between Norwich and Springfield, VT

Marc Dixon, Sociology
Course: SOCY 23
Event: Screening of film by Sam Mayfield, video journalist

Kenneth Bauer, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 65: Conservation and Development
Guest: Angela Park

Nathaniel Dominy, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 42: Medical Gross Anatomy: Scars of Human Evolution
Guest: Dr. Christine Montross, Brown University

Douglas Moody, LALACS
Course LATS: 37: Migrant Lives and Labor in the Upper Valley
Guests: Marita Canedo, Enrique Balcazar, Zully Palacios

Douglas Moody, WRIT
Course: WRIT 2: Composition and Research I
Activity: Field trip to Northern Stage to see Claybourne Park

Kes Schroer and Sienna Craig, Anthropology
Course: Your Inner Chimpanzee
Activity: Field trip to Dartmouth climbing gym

Melissa Herman, WRIT
Course: WRIT 5.10: Biracial Americans
Activity: Field trip to Northern Stage to see Claybourne Park

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