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Recent Grants Awarded

The following faculty have received classroom enhancement grants.

Bise Wood, Jewish Studies, Office of the Provost, AAAS, MALS, English, Philosophy Leslie Center, Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities, Religion Dept.
Event: A Scream in the Night: White Racism as Anti-Theological (Public Event)
Guest: George Yancy     

Giavanna Munafo, Women's, Gender, & Sexuality
Course: WGSS 10: Sex, Gender & Society
Event: Film  Screening of "Orgasm," by Liz Canner

Douglas Moody, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Course: WGSS 10: Sex, Gender & Society
Event: Women in Action, Organizing for Women's Rights in Nicaragua

Jeremy DeSilva, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 41: Human Evolution
Guest: Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Curator of Physical Anthropology at Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Ryan McKeon, Geography
Course: GEOG 8: Life in the Anthropocene
Guest: Sam Evans-Brown, reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio and host of the Outside/In podcast

Bill Wohlforth, Government
Courses: Govt 52: Russian Foreign Policy; Govt 5 International Politics
Guest: Ambassador Kenneth Yalowitz

Kenneth Bauer, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 65: Conservatioin and Development
Guest: Angela Park, independent consultant, researcher, and writer

Israel Reyes, Spanish and Portuguese; LALACS
Courses: LATS 37:Migrant Lives and Labor in the Upper Valley: Latinx Studies for Community Engagement; LATS 40: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity
Guest: Brendan O'Neill from Migrant Justice/Justicia Migrante

Sergei Kan, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 14: Anthropology of Death and Dying
Guest: Natasha Zaretsky Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University

Chelsey Kivland, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 3: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Guest: Julio Alejandro Munoz Uribe, indigenous artist from Mapuche-Williche territory in South-Central Chile

Sean Kang, Education
Course: EDUC: 55: Psychology to Education
Guest: Pooja Agarwal, Washington University

Pamela Voekel, History
Course: LALACS 1 - "Rethinking Immigration History and Politics: The Case of the Dominican Republic"
Guest: Dr. Lorgia Garcia Pena, Harvard University

Sergei Kan, Anthropology
Courses: ANTH 3: Intro to Cultural Anthropology & ANTH 47: Alaska: American Dreams and Native Realities
Guest: Dr. Alexis C. Bunten '99

Pati Hernandez, WGST
Course: Telling Stories for Social Change
Event: Filming, distribution, and discussion of performances at the Valley Vista Rehab Center

Douglas Moody LALACS
Course: LACS 20: The Politics and Ethics of Development in Latin America: The Nicaraguan Context
Guest: Michael Boudreau, Executive Director, Compas de Nicaragua

Sienna Craig and Tim Lahey, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 50: Rites of Passage: The Biology and Culture of Life's Transitions
Guest: Dana Walrath

Chelsey Kivland, ANTH
Course: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Ethnography of Violence
Event: "Nowhere to Go" multimedia event

Nicolay Ostrau, German Studies Department
Course: German Studies Refugee Exhibition
Guest: Viktor Witkowski

Janice McCabe, Sociology
Course: SOCY 58: Education and Inequality
Guest: Daisy Verduzco Reyes

Abigail Neely, Geography
Course: GEOG 7: Landscapes of New England
Event: Field trip to visit the Haven and to tour the Upper Valley between Norwich and Springfield, VT

Marc Dixon, Sociology
Course: SOCY 23
Event: Screening of film by Sam Mayfield, video journalist

Kenneth Bauer, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 65: Conservation and Development
Guest: Angela Park

Nathaniel Dominy, Anthropology
Course: ANTH 42: Medical Gross Anatomy: Scars of Human Evolution
Guest: Dr. Christine Montross, Brown University

Douglas Moody, LALACS
Course LATS: 37: Migrant Lives and Labor in the Upper Valley
Guests: Marita Canedo, Enrique Balcazar, Zully Palacios

Douglas Moody, WRIT
Course: WRIT 2: Composition and Research I
Activity: Field trip to Northern Stage to see Claybourne Park

Kes Schroer and Sienna Craig, Anthropology
Course: Your Inner Chimpanzee
Activity: Field trip to Dartmouth climbing gym

Melissa Herman, WRIT
Course: WRIT 5.10: Biracial Americans
Activity: Field trip to Northern Stage to see Claybourne Park

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