Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop

The Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop (PRS) is a student-staffed, faculty-mentored research enterprise that allows students to engage directly in the public policymaking processes in Vermont and New Hampshire by providing valuable, non-partisan research to state legislative committees, statewide commissions, and executive agencies on critical issues facing each state.

How It Works

Students begin their work with an intensive policy research class in the fall term, which can be followed by additional research as an independent study or as a paid researcher. Students meet directly with elected officials and staff as they develop and refine high-quality research products. Once the policy briefs are completed, the students travel to Concord and Montpelier to present their findings in formal testimonies. All of the policy briefs are produced for policymakers on a pro bono basis.

Get Started with the PRS

Students interested in participating in the Policy Research Shop, under the direction of Professor Ronald Shaiko, must complete PBPL 45: Introduction to Public Policy Research during the fall term. PBPL 45, taught by Professor Ron Shaiko, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Center, will prepare students with the fundamental methods for conducting public policy research. The course will also provide students with the opportunity to meet practitioners and policymakers from the Vermont and New Hampshire legislatures.

Contact Us

  • Policy Research Shop administrative office: (603) 646-2229
  • Professor Ronald Shaiko Senior Fellow, Associate Director, Curricular and Research Programs
  • Professor Kristin Smith Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop Director
  • Daniel Schroeder Research Scientist, Manager of the Policy Research Shop, Curricular and Research Programs
  • Michael Wales Postdoctoral Research Associate, Policy Research Shop Manager
  • Laura Mitchell, Program Officer, Curricular and Research Programs