Application Requirements

General Information

The Rockefeller Center now offers funding for in-person, virtual and hybrid internships. Applicants for Rocky internship funding should contact organizations of interest and explore if they are offering or would offer an internship position. We will post internships opportunities on the Rocky Internships webpages and in our student email newsletter, This Week at Rocky (TW@R). Email to be put on our mailing list.

Dartmouth undergraduate students can apply for up to $5,000, for an in-person, virtual or hybrid internship grant award for approved internships in the areas of public policy research, public policy analysis, issue evaluation, or activities which help shape and determine public policy. Nonprofit organizations working in the areas of social enterprise and private B Corporation Certified companies also can qualify.

Please complete and submit all the following required documents in order to be considered for Rockefeller internship funding.

Spring 2024 Internship Application Deadline was February 14, 2024 at 11:59 EST

Summer 2024 Internship Application Deadline is May 15, 2024 at 11:59 EST

LGBTQIA+ Internship Funding

Dartmouth undergraduate students can apply for grant awards up to $5,000 for any leave-term eligible internships pertaining to LGBTQIA+ issues in the fields of public policy, public affairs, social entrepreneurship, issue evaluation, or activities which help shape and determine public policy. Nonprofit organizations working in the areas of social enterprise and B Corporate Certified companies may also qualify. Contact Taylor Pichette for information about the deadline for this funding.

Written Proposal

  • This document should be two to four pages long. Please be sure to include a header with your name, the program that you are applying to, and the date. Number your pages. At the beginning of the document, list the name of the organization (as well as the specific office agency, or bureau) that you plan to work for, its location, and its website.

Within the proposal, please address the following points:

  • How will your proposed internship gain you experience with public policy, public affairs, or social entrepreneurship?
  • What are the responsibilities and requirements of the internship, and how are you qualified to complete them?
  • What are your academic and career goals, and how will this internship advance them?
  • What academic, co-curricular, and prior work experience do you have that has prepared you for this internship?
  • Save this as a PDF. You will be uploading this proposal through the application form.


Complete an application form. If you are having trouble with the application link, email Taylor Pichette,

  • Review the Expectations of Rockefeller Center Funded Interns
  • Include a 100- to 150-word personal bio.
  • Include the URL to your LinkedIn public profile (view a tipsheet).
  • Successful applicants are eligible for a grant award of up to $5,000 for in-person, virtual or hybrid qualifying internship based on a justified expense budget.
  • You will need to have specific information about the internship host organization, including supervisor and organization website. If you do not know whom your supervisor will be, attend office hours or contact Taylor Pichette before the deadline to discuss an appropriate course of action.
  • We are not able to accept applications for internships that you have not yet applied for.
  • We are not able to grant extensions for the application and written proposal because all applications are considered simultaneously during the selection process. If you have applied for an internship but have not yet been fully accepted or if you are waiting for security clearance, you may still submit your funding application. You will be required to forward any email from your internship organization confirming that you are being considered. Keep in mind that if you are granted funding for that internship, it may not be transferrable to a different internship if you decide to accept a different opportunity. If you have any concerns, be sure to attend office hours or speak with Taylor Pichette before the application deadline.

Supervisor Acceptance

  • In your application you will submit the contact information of your future supervisor. You must also send them the acceptance form to complete: Rockefeller Center Internship Funding Supervisor Acceptance Form

  • If you still have not received final acceptance to your internship, you may be eligible for an extension on your supervisor acceptance form. Be sure to request an extension before the application deadline and final decisions will be contingent on submission of this form. You will be asked to forward a confirmation that you have applied to your desired internship and are currently being considered in-order-to remain eligible.

Twenty Five Minute Interview

Soon after the application deadline passes, you will be sent a link to sign up for a short interview with a member of the Rockefeller Center staff.

Application Tips

  • Place your top priority on securing an internship, then determine how you will apply for funding. Not all students who apply are awarded funding, so we encourage you to research and strategize alternative funding methods as well.
  • At least three to four weeks before you submit your application, we encourage you to visit us during our internships office hours and/or attend an information session to review your eligibility for the program with a Rockefeller Internships Program staff member.
  • Visit the Center for Professional Development to perfect your résumé and cover letter(s).
  • Plan ahead: Be sure to secure your supervisor acceptance form as soon as possible and any required security clearances.
  • Talk to past Rockefeller Center interns about their experiences and ask for application tips.