The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

Faculty Council

The Rockefeller Center Faculty Council is appointed by the Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and the Center's Director, Professor Jason Barabas

  • Reviewing and approving guidelines relating to the programmatic use of Center facilities.
  • Reviewing and approving research project applications, which are supported by the Center's faculty research fund.
  • Advising the Associate Dean and the Director of the Center on the desirability and feasibility of major programs to be sponsored and administered by the Center.
  • Assisting with liaison between the Center and faculty and students, and encouraging faculty and student participation in major programs sponsored by the Center.
  • Providing advice and counsel on new initiatives involving the use of the Center, or on any other matters that may be of concern to Council members, the Associate Dean or the Director.


Ex-officio Members

  • John Carey
  • Jason Barabas
  • Ron Shaiko

Members with Term Limits

  • Elizabeth Cascio: Economics
  • Udi Greenberg: History
  • Brooke Harrington: Sociology
  • Lucas Swaine: Government
  • Deborah Nichols: Anthropology
  • Frank Magilligan: Geography
  • Dean Lacy: Government
  • Thalia Wheatley: Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Janice McCabe: Sociology

For more information about the faculty council, contact:

  • Laura Mitchell, Program Officer for Curricular and Research Programs (603) 646-2229
The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences