Leave-Term Internship Opportunities

These are opportunities from outside the Rockefeller Center. The Rockefeller Center posts such opportunities in an effort to help students prepare for a leave-term experience in public policy or a social sciences related field. Such postings do not constitute an endorsement by the Center of the political objectives of any one person or organization.

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Internships in Economic Policy

Economic Policy covers the systems for setting levels of taxation, government budgets, the money supply and interest rates as well as the labor market, national ownership, and many other areas of government interventions into the economy.

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Internships in Education Policy

The educational experiences of young people are shaped by education and social policy decisions made at the national, state, local, and school-building levels.

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Internships in Energy & Environmental Policy

Energy, air and water pollution, solid waste management, biodiversity, ecosystem management, maintenance of biodiversity, the protection of natural resources, wildlife and endangered species, and many types of industrial waste are all part of energy and environmental policy.

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Internships in Health Care Policy

Organizations that provide medical care and analyze the social and economic factors that shape those systems and the determinants and consequences of health care policies.

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Law related Internships

Law is fundamental to effective public policy. Lawyers can combine their legal knowledge with policy skills that allow them to develop, advocate for, and implement policy that shapes the lives of people everywhere.

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