Work for the Center

The Rockefeller Center provides students a workplace environment where they can witness, practice, and reflect upon leadership and management skills and competencies which will prepare them to excel in a professional work environment both during and after their time at Dartmouth.

About Student Program Assistants

Student Program Assistants play a vital and integral role in Rockefeller Center events, programs, and activities and the Center places a high level of trust and responsibility on our student staff. Most students find that their workplace skills and level of professionalism are enhanced by their time spent working at Rocky.

  • Program Assistants are expected to attend student staff group learning sessions and events such as our fall term Open House and spring term Dimensions.
  • Program Assistants serve on the Rockefeller Mini-Grant Review Committee that meets four times a term and is responsible for approving student funding applications for conference attendance and student organizations' on-campus events.
  • Schedules and required hours per week vary for each position, but range from 5 to 15 hours.

Apply for a position

Selection is competitive, and multiple-term commitments for all positions are preferred. Completion of the Center's Management & Leadership Development Program (MLDP) is a requirement of employment. If you have not yet participated in MLDP, you will still be considered for a paid position if you register for MLDP during the upcoming year in either the Fall, Winter, or Spring term. Why is this program a requirement? In MLDP, participants strengthen their skills in facilitating discussions, communicating effectively, writing in a variety of settings, planning with a purpose, and negotiating to find creative solutions to problems. These are the types of skills we use every day at the Center, and we invite you to put those skills into practice by joining our team.

For more information and application deadlines, contact Robert Coates, Assistant Director.