Named Class Funds

Named Class Funds generously support Rockefeller Center interns during leave-term unpaid internships in the fields of public policy, public affairs, and social entrepreneurship. Read more about students' internship experiences by clicking on each link.

Class of 1952 Funds

This internship was endowed at the behest of class president Peter McSpadden. As a generous individual donor to the Rockefeller Center, he encouraged the class to donate in connection with their 50th class reunion. The Class of 1952 generously supports two interns a year.

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Class of 1954 Fund

This internship funding was created to honor a deceased member of the Class of '54. The Class of 1954 supports one internship per year.

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Class of 1964 Fund

The Class of 1964 Public Policy Internship funding grew out of an idea initially proposed by John Topping '64, President of the Climate Institute in Washington, D.C. The Class of 1964 currently supports three interns a year.

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The John French Memorial Fund

The John French Memorial Fund is made possible by the members of the Class of 1930 and the friends and family of Mr. John French. This funding supports up to two interns per year.

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Robert McClory '30 Memorial Fund

Mrs. Robert (Doris H) McClory, the widow of Robert McClory, Class of 1930 made these funds available to sponsor one intern a year to participate in a Congressional internship in honor of her husband. Mr. McClory was a United States representative in his home state of Illinois for 10 consecutive Congresses.

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