Funding Your Internship

We encourage you to reach out to Taylor Pichette during the summer term if you are interested in applying. During the school year, call/zoom into office hours to confirm your interest in applying to the Rockefeller Internships Program and discuss your eligibility before the application deadline. For application information, please visit our Application Requirements page.

The Rockefeller Center also has resources and advising to help you identify a high-caliber internship experience. Through the generous support of our donors, the Rockefeller Internships Program includes a number of internships.

Application Deadlines

  • Winter 2024 internship application deadline is October 18 at 11:59 PM EST.

Eligibility Requirements for Funding

You must be a current Dartmouth undergraduate student in good standing.

  • Your internship must be performed during a leave term before your final term at Dartmouth.
  • Selected internships will have a clear tie to activities which help shape and determine public policy—whether at the local, state, national or international level—while offering the strongest learning and professional development opportunities and exposure to public policy leaders.
  • The internship organization must be an established nonprofit, certified B-corporation, or government organization.
  • Eligible internships will be full-time: 30 to 40 hours per week for eight to ten weeks.
  • Your internship must be unpaid or partially paid.
  • You may only receive Rockefeller internship funding once in your academic career. You are still eligible for funding if you were previously a Rockefeller Center First-Year Fellow or Mini-Grant's recipient.
  • If applying for internship funding from other centers, such as the Dickey Center or the Center for Professional Development, you may accept only one grant from Dartmouth per term.
  • You must have applied to the internship before applying for Rockefeller funding. You do not need to have been accepted to an internship yet to apply for funding.
  • Grant funding is to be used to supplement one's own resources to offset the cost of eligible living expenses, including housing, food, transportation to and from the internship location, and daily commute costs. 

Please Note

Applications that are received after the deadline may not be considered.

  • Grants are subject to the availability of funds and funding amounts may vary. Students may be offered less than their original amount requested.
  • Grants may be considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service if you are a U.S. citizen. Please consult your tax professional for further information.
  • For international students, grants awarded may be subject to taxes and fees that could be subtracted from your grant. Please consult with Dartmouth's Office of Visa and Immigration Services for further information.
  • If you are applying to an organization located in country outside the United States currently under a U.S. Department of State travel warning, you will need to request a travel waiver from the Office of the Provost. Please plan accordingly and submit this waiver along with your application materials before the application deadline in order to remain eligible for funding.
  • Not all internship opportunities found on our website, in our databases, or in communications are currently eligible for funding. Grant requirements are subject to change over time.
  • Internships with political campaigns, lobbying firms, for-profit organizations, and universities outside of Dartmouth (as well as their direct affiliates) are not eligible for Rockefeller Center funding.
  • Internships with advocacy organizations are typically eligible, provided that students are not in any way engaged in lobbying, fundraising, or other ineligible activities.
  • Ineligible activities include but are not limited to: lobbying, fundraising, illegal or risky actions, direct service, or actions that would not be a positive representation of Dartmouth or the Rockefeller Center.
  • Ineligible uses of grant funding include but are not limited to: vehicle rentals, technology costs, Dartmouth leave term earnings requirement, travel expenses to offsite events required by the internship organization, costs that are already being reimbursed or provided for by the internship organization, excessive or unnecessary living expenses, or additional personal travel beyond the date of the internship.
  • Although longer internships (beyond 10 weeks) are eligible to apply for funding, we are not able to grant additional funding above the $5,000 for longer internships. Nor are we able to sponsor short-term interim internships that are under 8 weeks in length.
  • The Rockefeller Internships Program is not able to fund unenrolled students, post-graduate internships, nor retroactively fund an internship that has been completed during a past leave-term.
  • Internship grants are not transferable to a different internship from what is listed on your application.
  • All domestic and international travel will require selected intern to register with Dartmouth's Global Travel Registry.
  • For more information or specific questions about the Rockefeller Internships Program, contact Taylor Pichette.